10 Best Action Camera Head Mounts for Extraordinary Footage

Getting the best shots of your outdoor activities can be difficult, especially if you have to hold the camera in your hands the whole time. Fortunately, with an action camera head mount, you can capture every exciting moment of the great outdoors while barely having to break a sweat. In this review of action camera head mounts, I’ll share my favorite options so that you can choose the one that’s best for you. Read on to learn more!

Introduction to Action Camera Head Mount

Action cameras are best for capturing your favorite outdoor activities like diving, surfing, skydiving, and more. GoPro is a very popular brand of action cameras. It’s easy to mount on a helmet and you can even wear it over your head with goggles or sunglasses thanks to its versatile mounting accessories. But what if you want to capture shots from your head? This is where an action camera head mount comes in handy!

Considerations when buying action camera mounts

There are hundreds of different action camera mounts available on Amazon, but which one is right for you? First, ask yourself how much you value mobility. If you’re planning to hike and climb a lot with your camera, you might want a mount that offers increased mobility. On the other hand, if it’s just one or two pictures here and there, you can get away with an inexpensive model that attaches right to your existing tripod or selfie stick.

How to set up your action camera head mount

An action camera head mount is designed for capturing high-quality shots from your point of view. It’s a great addition to any sport or activity that you enjoy, as well as for travel. Setting up an action camera head mount will take only a few minutes, and once it’s done, you can capture some of your most exciting footage ever! Follow these simple steps and learn how to set up your action camera head mount safely and correctly.

Shooting tips & techniques using an action camera head mount

GoPro makes some of my favorite action cameras. Recently I’ve been using a head mount, which is probably more convenient than sticking it on a helmet. However, most of them don’t hold onto your head very well and tend to be a little uncomfortable after wearing them for an extended period. After trying out a few different ones (the Rokform Universal GoPro Action Camera), I think I have found one that stands out from all others.

List of Top 10 Action Camera Head Mount In 2022

SABRENT Action Camera Head Mount

SABRENT Action Camera Head Mount Best Price

Compatible Devices: GoPro
Special Feature: Adjustable
Material: Nylon
Amazon Basics Action Camera Head Mount for GoPro

Amazon Basics Action Camera Head Mount for GoPro Best Values

Compatible Devices: Cameras
Brand: Amazon Basics
Special Feature: Adjustable
Material: Rubber
Disclaimer text….
TEKCAM Action Camera Head Mount Strap for Gopro Hero

TEKCAM Action Camera Head Mount Strap for GoPro Hero Best Values

Vehicle Service Type: Motorcycle, Bicycle
Compatible Devices: Cameras
Special Feature: Adjustable
Disclaimer text….
VVHOOY 3 in 1 Universal Action Camera Accessories Bundle Kit

VVHOOY 3 in 1 Universal Action Camera Accessories Bundle Kit Best Values

Vehicle Service Type: Bicycle
Mounting Type: Tripod
Special Feature: Adjustable
Disclaimer text….
Chest Mount Harness for GoPro with Action Camera Head Mount

Chest Mount Harness for GoPro with Action Camera Head Mount Best Values

Compatible Devices: Cameras
Brand: Amazon Basics
Special Feature: Adjustable, Waterproof
Age Range: Adult
Disclaimer text….
Dream Bull Chest Action Camera Head Mount

Dream Bull Chest Action Camera Head Mount Best Values

Compatible Devices: Gopro AKASO DJI
Mounting Type: Chest
Brand: Dream Bull
Special Feature: Adjustable; Hand Free
Disclaimer text….
Head-Mounted Mobile Phone Holder Action Camera

Head-Mounted Mobile Phone Holder Action Camera Best Values

Vehicle Service Type: Motorcycle
Compatible Devices: Phones and GoPro
Mounting Type: Head Mount
Brand: PellKing
Disclaimer text….
Pellking Action Camera Head Mount on Baseball Cap

Pellking Action Camera Head Mount on Baseball Cap Best Values

Compatible Devices: Cameras
Brand: PellKing
Special Feature: Adjustable
Color: Black
Disclaimer text….
Epaler Elastic Extendable Action Camera Head Mount

Epaler Elastic Extendable Action Camera Head Mount Best Values

Compatible Devices: Cameras
Mounting Type: Tripod
Special Feature: Adjustable
Disclaimer text….
Sametop Action Camera Head Mount for Harness Chesty Kit

Sametop Action Camera Head Mount for Harness Chesty Kit Best Values

Mounting Type: GoPro Mounting System
Brand: Sametop
Special Feature: Adjustable
Compatible: Gopro Hero 10
Disclaimer text…

1) SABRENT Action Camera Head Mount

If you’re an action-seeking enthusiast, you probably know how important it is to record your outdoor adventures on video to share them with friends and family and relive the memories later on. But it can be difficult to get great shots of all the action if you’re trying to hold the camera still while simultaneously taking part in the activity at hand. That’s where Sabrent’s Action Camera Head Mount comes in handy.


There are tons of products designed for people who love outdoor adventures, but few allow you to film your escapades. The best way to film is from above, where you can capture your every move. If you want a top-quality camera head mount for less than $30, check out Sabrent’s action camera head mount.

Things I love about it

One of my favorite hobbies is taking pictures. I own a DSLR camera but don’t always want to haul it with me when I go hiking or out kayaking. The Sabrent action camera head mount is small enough that it doesn’t get in my way (I like that it clips right onto my belt loop), and records high-quality videos and photos.

Our Thoughts

Shooting an action video is hard. It’s nearly impossible to get quality audio when you can’t bring along a boom operator. And if you’re trying to film from your helmet or handlebars, you almost always end up with a shaky video. The head mount for action cameras does exactly what it says—it mounts your camera on your head so that you don’t have to worry about holding it steady.

2) Amazon Basics Action Camera Head Mount for GoPro

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who loves to capture your experiences through photos and videos, the GoPro Hero 6 Black (or the Hero 5) might be the perfect Camera Strap for you. However, while these cameras are versatile and light enough to carry along on adventures, they aren’t always the easiest or most stable ways to capture action shots while you’re moving around. That’s where accessories like the Amazon Basics Action Camera Head Mount come in!

Size and type of mount you need

It all depends on how you want to use your camera. Here are a few different amounts and what they’re good for • Handlebar/Seatpost Mount: If you like taking action shots while riding or driving, it’s best to mount your camera on either your handlebars or seat post. You can capture most of what’s in front of you while also having a clear view of yourself in case you need to adjust settings mid-ride.

Check the features (e.g., 360-degree rotation)

People use GoPros for all sorts of purposes, including shooting regular videos, taking photos, and capturing action shots. The best way to capture action shots is with a head mount such as Amazon Basics’ camera head mount for GoPro. The low-profile mount fits snugly around your head, ensuring that you don’t miss a thing. It has flexible joints that rotate freely in any direction and a 360-degree rotation capability.

Consider wireless remote control

Instead of using your hands, consider a wireless remote control for capturing action shots. The official GoPro remote isn’t exactly cheap, but there are plenty of other options on Amazon that offer great performance at a low cost. Look for models from reputable brands like Powerextra and SJCAM. (Bonus: Purchase one, and you can also use it as a hands-free video camera.)

3) TEKCAM Action Camera Head Mount Strap for Gopro Hero

There are plenty of different uses for an action camera, but the most common one is capturing video of your outdoor activities so you can relive your memories later or use the footage to show off your skills to friends and family. The GoPro Hero can handle most action on its own, but you might want to mount it somewhere and get a better shot than the built-in lens offers. That’s where the Action Camera Head Mount Strap comes in handy!


It is quite easy to lose your camera when you mount it on your head, but that’s not a good thing, especially if you’re trying to film something interesting. The good news is that there are some straps designed to help keep your camera in place, and one of them is available from TECKCAM. This strap keeps your camera in place during any activity you want to record. They also offer an underwater housing case that can help protect your camera against moisture and other external forces.

Features and Benefits

The Action Camera Head Mount Strap by TEKCAM is just what you need to ensure your GoPro stays safe during extreme sports. The strap securely fastens a GoPro to your head, which means you can leave it on while skiing or snowboarding down a mountain, with no worries about it falling off. Our innovative strap design also protects your neck from chafing as you capture all of those daring stunts and tricks!

Our Recommendations

We’re gonna be straight with you—the number of action camera head mounts on today’s market is pretty astounding. But some are better than others, and if you want a true mount that doesn’t weigh down your gear or force you to re-adjust your position every few minutes, look no further than our favorite option: TEKCAM’s strap.

4) VVHOOY 3 in 1 Universal Action Camera Accessories Bundle Kit

The VVHOOY 3 in 1 Universal Action Camera Accessories Bundle Kit comes with everything you need to get the best shots, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Whether you’re a keen mountain biker or an amateur snorkeler, this set of accessories will help you capture your moments better than ever before. Here’s what’s included in the bundle kit and why it’s such an excellent choice if you love to be active, outdoors, and on the move!


If you’re serious about making professional videos with your action camera, you’ll want to consider picking up the VVHOOY 3 in 1 Universal Action Camera Accessories Bundle Kit. This bundle offers everything you need to elevate your videos beyond amateur, and we’re going to take a look at all three products so that you can decide whether they’re right for you.

Pros and Cons

One of our favorite features of VVHOOY’s bundle kit is that it comes with everything you need to mount your GoPro or any other action camera on almost anything. And if you’re going to spend money on accessories, then we think it’s essential they do just that.


The two largest problems people have with action cameras are that they’re small, which means it’s hard to mount them on your bike, motorcycle, or anything else; and second, batteries only last for 20 minutes of recording. The VVHOOY solves both these problems by offering easy mounts for motorcycles and bicycles, as well as an external battery to extend your recording time. The extended battery also doubles as a portable charger, so you can take it with you to power other devices too.

5) Chest Mount Harness for GoPro with Action Camera Head Mount

Action shots are the perfect way to express what it’s like to experience an activity or event, but they can be extremely hard to capture without getting in the way. Fortunately, there are many creative ways to mount your GoPro camera, so you can get great action shots without obstructing your view of the action! Chest mounts, in particular, are extremely popular among adrenaline junkies who want to capture their extreme experiences in a whole new way.

Head Mount

The head mount is good if you want to capture video of yourself, but it might not be ideal if you’re trying to capture video of your surroundings. When mounted, a GoPro is difficult (if not impossible) to swivel in different directions, which makes it difficult for recording all angles at once. Another issue with a head mount is that you can’t see what your camera sees—which could lead to trouble in some circumstances.

Pro Tips

When shooting with a GoPro, it can be tricky to capture action footage and get your desired angle. If you’re looking for an easier way to mount your GoPro, chest mounts are an excellent alternative. Chest mounts are ideal when getting in on an active sport is impossible, or you just want a different perspective than what can be seen from a helmet-mounted or hand-held camera.

Our Final Verdict

The chest mount harness is our favorite method of mounting a GoPro because it’s arguably one of the best angles from which to take action shots—especially if you’re biking, surfing, snowboarding, or doing any other sport in which your arms are involved. That said, head mounting is also extremely convenient and useful when you just want to capture a good video but don’t necessarily care about getting yourself into it.

6) Dream Bull Chest Action Camera Head Mount

Capturing every moment on your family trip, diving expedition, or other exciting adventure can be made easy and fun with the Dream Bull Chest Action Camera Head Mount! Designed with padded straps to fit around your chest, this head mount gives you hands-free control of your camera while also making it perfectly positioned to film whatever it is you want to see. Built-in waterproof controls give you access to all the functions of your camera, so you don’t have to worry about trying to operate it with your hands while swimming or diving.


For years, people have been trying to come up with a device that would allow people to capture their best moments on a day-to-day basis. With so many different activities and sports for people to do, there isn’t just one way for everyone. But we now have a solution that meets everyone’s needs. Introducing Dream Bull’s revolutionary new action camera head mount. This device will attach easily and securely using your favorite standard GoPro mount.

Key Features

High-Quality Metal Construction – Securely Holds Your Action Cam – Lightweight and Comfortable – Convenient Quick Release Buckle. Set up is a cinch! Just clip in your camera, strap it on and you’re ready to start filming. You can rotate 360 degrees with ease thanks to our convenient quick-release buckle. With a simple pull of the button, it’ll slide right off.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Dream Bull? 2. Is it easy to install and use? 3. Can I take it on my bike, motorcycle, or ATV? 4. Can I charge it anywhere? 5. What is included with my purchase? 6. How do I update my software? 7. What is your Return Policy? 8. Can you guarantee customer satisfaction with your product? 9. Where can I buy Dream Bull in-store or online?

7) Head-Mounted Mobile Phone Holder Action Camera

When the music’s pumping, the adrenaline’s high, and you’re shooting the video that will blow everyone away, you can’t afford to be fumbling with your phone! That’s why you need to get your hands on the latest in head-mounted mobile phone holders and action cameras. This handy gadget gives you complete control over your phone’s camera no matter how wild the experience is, letting you capture every single moment with ease so you can share it with the world right away.


Today’s fast-paced society doesn’t stop for anyone. That includes you and your job. If you want to capture those once-in-a-lifetime experiences, you’re going to need to be able to record them quickly, efficiently, and without getting tied down with complicated equipment. A head-mounted mobile phone holder action camera is an excellent way to accomplish all three of these tasks while also making sure that your hands are free when it matters most.

Key Features

A head-mounted mobile phone holder action camera is especially useful for outdoor photography. There’s no need to take your hands off your handlebars to take shots of yourself or the scenery around you. The ease and convenience of using a head-mounted device help you concentrate on cycling and not fumbling with equipment or dropping expensive phones or cameras. Plus, it makes for some unique selfies!

Our Thoughts

If you want to start shooting 360 video and/or pictures, but don’t want to use a gimbal (because they look dumb), or strap your phone to your chest, neck, head, or arms (because it’s uncomfortable), then check out our new head-mounted mobile phone holder action camera. Check it out here…

8) Pellking Action Camera Head Mount on Baseball Cap

If you’re an outdoorsy type, then you’ve probably considered getting an action camera to document your travels on the road. Action cameras are great for capturing footage of extreme sports and other adventures you may have; however, using one can be inconvenient if you don’t have a solid mount that will hold it steady while you take it on the go. One way to solve this problem is by turning your ordinary baseball cap into an action camera mount.


So you want to use your GoPro or another action camera, but you’re sick of strapping it onto a selfie stick or your head. So you’ve turned to those flexible smartphone mount things…but they’re too flimsy. Thankfully, there is a much easier solution: converting any ordinary baseball cap into a GoPro mount! Just follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way toward filming some epic first-person footage.

Attaching helmet strap

Most of us are likely more than familiar with using a GoPro or some other sort of action camera, so I won’t go too in-depth on it. But if you don’t have a helmet strap, it’s pretty easy: just loop your string/yarn through one of the holes at either end of your lens and make a simple knot. Then, put your camera on and strap it down.

Testing GoPro mount hat

We tried out a few different mounts and decided that GoPro’s head strap mount is a great place to start. Not only did it hold up well on its own, but it also came with two inserts: one for hats and another for helmets. It was super simple to attach and felt secure enough that we weren’t worried about our camera falling off while riding down trails. We found it comfortable, despite weighing 3 ounces—about as much as an iPhone 6s.

9) Epaler Elastic Extendable Action Camera Head Mount

Have you been looking for a convenient way to mount your action camera so that you can get the right angle when recording your thrilling adventures? Epaler makes it easy with their Elastic Extendable Head Mount, which lets you attach your camera easily and securely to any standard bicycle or motor vehicle handlebar without the need for any additional straps or buckles.

Intro to action camera

Action cameras—those small, mountable cameras that can be taken almost anywhere, from a night at the slopes to bungee jumping to hiking through Patagonia—are incredibly popular. These tiny devices are extremely versatile and highly portable; they can go just about anywhere. Now, you might be thinking that if something is so small and lightweight, it’s not safe or durable. But action cameras have come a long way over their decade-long lifespan.

Examples of head mounts in action

These head mounts attach easily to your existing camera tripod, making it easy to get unique shots from unusual angles. The elastic bands that hold them in place can stretch over a variety of different head sizes and keep them firmly on your noggin throughout your activity. Don’t have a tripod? Not a problem. One accessory allows you to mount it to almost any pole while another fits directly onto your bike or handlebars for one-of-a-kind on-the-go footage.

Final Thoughts

For anyone who wants to mount their action camera and take some extreme, action sports, or even just want to make selfies look a little cooler, getting an extendable head mount for your helmet is a great idea. The elasticity of these head mounts will ensure that they will fit any size helmet, and because it is made from silicone rubber, you don’t have to worry about damaging your helmet or wrecking its finish.

10) Sametop Action Camera Head Mount for Harness Chesty Kit

If you’re looking to capture amazing footage of your adventures, it’s important to choose the right tools and accessories. One of the best ways to capture action-packed shots from your perspective is with an action camera, but you might need some help getting it mounted securely to your head or chest! That’s where this kit comes in! This Harness Chesty Kit from Sametop lets you mount your GoPro to any harness or strap, so you can capture every minute of your experience at the highest quality possible. Read on to learn more about these best affordable products!


You might not realize it, but when you take a photo or video with your smartphone, there’s a lot that goes into it. You have to line up your shot, make sure you aren’t blocking people in the frame, and capture both photos and videos at just the right angles. But what if there was something more?

Pros and Cons

The Sametop Harness Chesty Kit is a great little addition to your action camera collection. While it doesn’t have any more features than competing products, you can buy it for about half as much as other top-rated mounting kits. If you already own a chest harness or head strap and are just looking to add some extra mounts, you might want to look at some of its competitors first.

Our Recommendations

Here at Fintie, we’re a team of experienced sports and tech professionals. We try out all kinds of accessories to make sure they’re worth your time. When we came across these head mounts, we knew right away that they were something special. Read on to find out why these head mounts are one of our staff favorites!

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