Banana Split Switches: The Best Way to Add a Little Fun to Your Home

I’ve been running all my AV equipment through banana split switches, but I haven’t been sure if they are right for me. After researching them, I have decided that banana split switches aren’t worth the money since they have some significant disadvantages as well as benefits. Here are the pros and cons of using banana split switches.

How to Choose the Perfect Banana Split Switches for Your Home

Like most people, you’ve probably gone to a Crushed Ice Makers and ordered a banana split at least once in your life. And if you’re like most people, you probably picked one of the switches that the person behind the counter handed to you when you asked them what switches they used to make their banana splits. If that’s the case, then I bet you got one of the best banana splits you’ve ever had in your life, because there’s nothing worse than choosing a bad switch. But how can you tell if it’s bad?

1. Functionality

The first thing you should consider when purchasing a banana split switch is whether or not it will work in your home. Some switches are designed specifically for residential use, while others are meant more for commercial environments like restaurants and hotels. Take time to read over product descriptions and product specifications carefully before making a purchase.

2. Noise level

Most of these models come with a built-in safety feature that senses when your hands are too close, but if you’re hard of hearing or simply want to be extra careful around household pets, you may want to look for one that has an adjustable volume control. It’s also important to think about how loud you’ll need it; some people aren’t bothered by noise in their home, while others can hear every sound from across town.

3. Appearance

The first thing you should look at when choosing a split switch is its physical appearance. Does it fit in with your home décor? It can be tempting to go with something flashy, but keep in mind that you may need to replace your switches later on if you have children or pets. Instead, choose an option that will blend well into your existing decor and home style.

4. Features

When looking for banana split switches, you should make sure that they have a variety of features. You can look at all kinds of different things to make sure that you’re getting a switch that suits your needs. Different features will allow you to do things like control large and small appliances, so consider which types of appliances you have in your home before purchasing banana split switches.

5. Installation

It goes without saying that a good banana split switch should be easy to install. However, don’t just go by how quickly you can get one up and running; look at your home’s electrical wiring, too. Banana split switches that come with traditional two-prong plugs might not fit properly with older homes, so double-check beforehand if you have concerns.

6. Brand & Warranty

The first step when purchasing any item is knowing what it’s going to cost you. While brands aren’t everything, they can make a big difference in quality, comfort, and usability over time. The warranty provided by many of these providers plays a key role in protecting your money. Make sure that you choose an item with as many years of coverage as possible, if not a lifetime plan.

List of Top 10 Banana Split switches in 2022

EPOMAKER Ajazz Diced Fruit Banana Split Switches

EPOMAKER Ajazz Diced Fruit Banana Split Switches Best Price

Item Weight: 4.6 ounces
Switch Type: Tactile
Gateron Patch Banana Split Switches

Gateron Patch Banana Split Switches Best Values

Brand: IJKT
Color: Yellow
Number of Keys: 5
Material: Plastic, Metal, Steel
Disclaimer text….
Novelkeys Cream Kailh MX SMD 5 Pin RGB Split Switches

Novelkeys Cream Kailh MX SMD 5 Pin RGB Split Switches Best Values

Brand: KAILH
Model Name: Cream-68PCS
Color: Novelty Cream
Number of Keys: 68
Disclaimer text….
Drop + Invyr Mechanical Keyboard Split Switches

Drop + Invyr Mechanical Keyboard Split Switches Best Values

Brand: DROP
Switch Type: Tactile
Material: Polycarbonate
Number of Items: 1
Disclaimer text….
EPOMAKER Linear Banana Split Switches Set

EPOMAKER Linear Banana Split Switches Set Best Values

Color: AKKO Starfish
Are batteries included? No
Disclaimer text….
LTC x Holy Panda Switches for Mechanical Keyboard DIY

LTC x Holy Panda Switches for Mechanical Keyboard DIY Best Values

Brand: LTC
Number of Keys: 66
Style: Holy Panda
Compatible Devices: Keyboard
Disclaimer text….
Akko CS Banana Split Switches

Akko CS Banana Split Switches Best Values

Brand: Akko
Color: Rose Red
Number of Keys: 45
Keyboard Description: Gaming
Disclaimer text….
Glorious Panda Split Switches

Glorious Panda Split Switches Best Values

Brand: Glorious PC Gaming Race
Color: Panda Unlubed
Number of Keys: 36
Style: Glorious Panda
Disclaimer text….
TECSEE Purple Panda PME Material Linear Keyboard Switches

TECSEE Purple Panda PME Material Linear Keyboard Switches Best Values

Brand: Tecsee
Color: Carrot 70
Compatible Devices: Keyboard
Keyboard Description: Gaming
Disclaimer text….
Gateron KS Banana Split Switches

Gateron KS Banana Split Switches Best Values

Brand: CuXiu
Color: Yellow, Blue, Black
Number of Keys: 90
Switch Type: Metal
Disclaimer text…

1) EPOMAKER Ajazz Diced Fruit Banana Split Switches

If you are like me, then you love your Apple products and would probably do just about anything to keep them safe from damage. I have owned an iPad mini since the day it was released and I have used this device more than any other single device in my home. While the iPad mini did provide me with many hours of enjoyment, there was one thing that was nagging at me about it: the glass screen and what happens if it should get damaged or broken.


Everyone has their preferences when it comes to a Banana Split. There are many ways of eating one, and today we are going to explore two very different ways. One is a modern take on how some people prefer their banana split, while others may be surprised to learn that their favorite way of eating it is so old! Take a look at these two Banana Splits and see which one you like best.

Use power strips on your television computer laptop

Studies have shown that when you plug devices into power strips, you tend to forget about them. They sit there, sucking up energy even when they’re turned off or not in use. To keep your electronics from being left on all day, try using power strip-controlled outlets—they automatically shut off when they don’t detect electricity.

Our final Verdict

EPOMAKER’s new Banana Split Switch is a well-built and designed RGB LED mechanical keyboard switch that feels like a Cherry MX Clear with an added tactile bump. It offers a nice array of switch models, excellent durability, and true RGB lighting options. This mechanical keyboard switch is made with PC gamers in mind as its smooth linear feel allows for fast double and triple taps without any additional effort needed to make them register.

2) Gateron Patch Banana Split Switches

When looking to purchase switches, many people are split between two options: clicky and linear switches. If you’re not familiar with the difference, clicky switches (Reds and Clears) make a very audible click sound whenever you press down on them, while linear switches (Blues and Blacks) make a quieter scratchy soundbar when pressed. Clicky switches tend to be more responsive while linear switches can be heavier feeling, but also more durable and less likely to break over time.


Hello and welcome to another exciting product review. Today we will be discussing a set of switches that may have slipped under your radar; it’s called Gateron Patch Banana Split. In case you are unfamiliar with Gateron, they are an OEM manufacturer based in China that produces Cherry MX clone switches. They have been slowly gaining popularity in North America over the past couple of years, but due to their relatively low price point, most keyboard enthusiasts still haven’t heard of them.

Pros and Cons

Gateron is one of those manufacturers that you’ve likely never heard of, but I can guarantee you’ll remember them now. Gateron offers a wide range of switches, from clicky and tactile to linear and silent. Every switch they make feels as though it was built with quality in mind, but there’s one series that takes home their definition of superior design—the Patch line.

Our Recommendations

While traditional switches are quite fun, they have a few problems that make them impractical for general usage. That is where Gateron’s latest innovation comes in: Gateron Patches. These new and improved switches combine spring-to-action with membrane functionality to create a hybrid switch that combines speed, precision, and durability into one neat package. Not only are these switches great for typing and gaming, but they also feel great beneath your fingers! Click here to buy now! (affiliate link)

3) Novelkeys Cream Kailh MX SMD 5 Pin RGB Split Switches

We’ve all been waiting with bated breath to see if Kailh would make their version of the popular MX RGB switches, and I’m thrilled to say that it finally happened! The new Kailh switches are great – the closest we’ve come to an MX switch yet, in fact – but there are still some differences between them and what we’re used to from Cherry. If you want to learn more about these switches and why they’re so exciting, keep reading!


The most recent addition to the Kailh family of switches has arrived. These new switches are designed with the appearance in mind; they are a cream color that stands out from most other keyboards on the market. As a result of their white-on-white look, these switches have found their way into many aftermarket keycap sets that have been popping up around community sites.


These new cream-colored switches are making a splash. What makes them so special? They’re MX compatible, offering quick response and zero tactile bumps. They’re also great for people who want to add a splash of color to their current mechanical keyboard build or those looking to upgrade to something a little more unique.

Final Verdict

While there are some undeniable advantages to using a mechanical keyboard over a standard one— namely their durability and tactile feedback—they aren’t without faults. For starters, they are usually more expensive than other keyboards.

4) Drop + Invyr Mechanical Keyboard Split Switches

Have you ever been typing away at your computer and just couldn’t get comfortable? Maybe your wrists were touching the table, or your fingers were mis-positioned on the keys. If this sounds familiar, it’s time to try an ergonomic keyboard, like the Drop + Invyr Mechanical Keyboard Split Switches we recently reviewed. This innovative keyboard makes typing easy and comfortable again!

An introduction to split switches

When you first pull up a keyboard that includes switches like these, it’s hard not to think of hamsters. In reality, split switches aren’t all that different from traditional ones—they simply consist of two separate pieces rather than one big piece. But what does having two separate pieces give you? What are split switches for? Let’s find out!

Importance of Split Switches

If you want a compact mechanical keyboard, but also want that satisfying key feel, you’ll need to look into split switches. Traditional mechanical keyboards use Cherry MX switches (these are typically red) and they all use a single sheet of rubberized plastic above each switch. These add quite a bit of bulk under your fingers—especially when typing at full speed.

Our Recommendations

Drop and Invyr Mechanical Keyboard offer outstanding solutions for everyday office use, but each also excels in a particular way. Whether you’re an avid gamer, writer, or businessperson, these keyboards make productivity a whole lot easier.

5) EPOMAKER Linear Banana Split Switches Set

If you love banana splits and have ever wanted to have them whenever you wanted, you’re in luck. This set of EPOMAKER linear banana split switches provides an easy way to control the thickness of your banana split with just the push of a button. Compatible with 3/4′′ and 1′′ leg, these switches are guaranteed to be compatible with all major brands of tables and desks. Now, with just the push of a button, you can turn your table into a banana split machine!

Introducing the product

At EPOMAKER, we know that there are a lot of banana split switches on the market. We have been working tirelessly to find a switch that is perfect for your construction project. Now we have found it, and you can use it too! The linear banana split switches set will make your project come together quickly while maintaining your professionalism and aesthetic standard.

The features

You get two SPDT and three SPST switches in one set! The banana splits are perfect for a keyboard and are compact and durable. You can easily match colors or just use them to theme your controller. They are also fully PCB compatible, so you can drill holes in your case that line up with these switch holes and then just put washers under them for mounting. But wait there’s more! We have five new colors for you to choose from! Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Black.

Technical specifications

  • Input voltage: 3V-9V – Requires 1 x 18650 battery (not included) – Output mode: Soft start – Type of switch: Momentary – Emitter size: 24mm(Dia)*3mm(Thickness) *6mm(Length) 2 in1 driver (2Cree XM-L T6 5 Modes, cool white and warm white for each two batteries) – Color temperature : Cool White 6500K; Warm White 3000K.

6) LTC x Holy Panda Switches for Mechanical Keyboard DIY

In the world of mechanical keyboards, switches are king. If you haven’t heard of LTC x Holy Panda Switches yet, read on and let us show you how they can make your DIY mechanical keyboard project unique and one-of-a-kind! We sat down with one of our mechanical keyboard enthusiasts at LTC to ask him about his experiences using Holy Panda switches in a custom DIY keyboard project he has been working on. Here is what he had to say…

First Impressions

The first thing I noticed was that these switches are loud. They’re not as quiet as other types of Cherry MX switches, but I wasn’t expecting them to be – after all, they have a holy panda in their name!

Color Comparisons

Cherry MX switches come in a variety of colors, but you should familiarize yourself with all of them so that you know what style would be best for your keyboard. This graphic compares Cherry MX reds, blacks, blues, and browns, which are all popular options. With a variety of weights, shapes, and actuation pressures to choose from, deciding which switch type is right can be overwhelming at first.

Final Thoughts

Holy Panda® has teamed up with LTC®, America’s fastest-growing switch manufacturer, to offer an exclusive switch bundle pack. We have taken two of our most popular keycap stem colors and paired them with four of your favorite switch types. Through careful consideration and market research, we believe that we have developed a one-size-fits-all set that is perfect for any mechanical keyboard enthusiast!

7) Akko CS Banana Split Switches

I’ve been using Cherry MX Switches on my custom keyboard setup for years now, but recently I decided to try something new and I bought some Akko CS Banana Split Switches. Here’s why I liked the switches and I will continue to use them as my primary mechanical switch!

Mechanical switches

They’re not just clicky, they have their sound. Each switch has its distinct auditory signature. Here is a breakdown of three major mechanical switches used in modern keyboards to give you an idea of how they differ from one another.


So why would someone want to replace their mechanical switches? To make a long story short, after months of exhaustive research, user reviews, and forum posts, it came down to feel. The switches I was using (Cherry MX browns) were stiff to press with a very linear response throughout actuation. Because of their linear nature, they made my fingers ache faster than you can say RSI!

Final Thoughts

My favorite switches to use on mechanical keyboards are Cherry MX Blues. The tactile bump just feels right and immerses me in whatever game I’m playing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feel quite as good when typing on a keyboard. It doesn’t help that I type at work all day long too, so those keys get quite a bit of abuse.

8) Glorious Panda Split Switches

Your child will love these Panda Split Switch Plates from Glorious Panda, available in sets of four or eight (depending on your needs). They are made from premium materials and come with an easy-to-install design that makes them simple to use. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color to your child’s room or simply need new switches for their room, the Panda Split Switch Plates will make an excellent addition to your home!


At Glorious Panda, we value cuteness and character. That’s why you can count on us to come up with innovative products that add that extra oomph to your home decor. For instance, our new panda switch plates are a real treat! From now on, your kid won’t get bored while they flip their light switches – because they have so many delightful images of pandas doing all sorts of silly things!

Pros and Cons

Over time, our homes are filled with knick-knacks and books, which means that our walls begin to look cluttered and messy. If you’re looking to revitalize your home or give it a new look without too much effort, switching out your old switch plates for a fun and cheerful Panda Split set is an awesome choice.

Real customer reviews

Perfect switch plates! I searched a lot of stores and even looked online but couldn’t find any switch plates like these. My 4-year-old daughter loved them because they had pandas on them, I love them because they match our decor perfectly! The quality of these was better than expected. I will order from Glorious Panda again in the future. Shipping was fast too!

9) TECSEE Purple Panda PME Material Linear Keyboard Switches

If you’re in the market for a new keyboard, whether it’s an upgrade from your current one or you’re building your first mechanical keyboard, you may have heard about purple panda switches floating around online. These switches, made by TECSEE in China, are largely considered the best linear switches on the market when it comes to typing experience and they’re cheaper than most of their competitors. We here at GeekHack have been using these switches as our main keyboards and we couldn’t be happier with them!


Today, we will be looking at TECSEE’s Purple Panda PME (Purple Mechanical Electrical) switches. These are a derivative of Cherry MX switches, specifically a clone of Cherry MX Clear switches. If you are not familiar with linear keyboards or their switch types, check out my guide on Mechanical Keyboards and Switches. I also highly recommend checking out /r/MechanicalKeyboards as a great resource for information about typing on mechanical keyboards as well as keyboard recommendations!


A study by Microsoft found that 70% of subjects could type more accurately on a linear keyboard than on a scissor-switch one. Many typists report being able to type as fast on TECSEE Purple Panda PME Material Linear Keyboards as they can on spring-based keyboards. That’s because it’s easier to keep your fingers on their home row position and make fewer mistakes when you have less distance to travel from key to key.

Our Final Thoughts

In our opinion, these are some of the best linear keyboard switches available on a budget. Their longevity is an issue but that can be easily remedied with a keycap puller and some white lithium grease.

10) Gateron KS Banana Split Switches

Gateron KS Banana Split Switches are my favorite switches right now. It’s become the most popular mechanical keyboard switch on /r/mechanicalkeyboards, and I’ve tried quite a few of them in the last two years. These switches are made by Gateron, an established manufacturer in China that has been making switches since 1994! They have some unique features, like stem-less design and high actuation force without having stiff stems, so it’s easy to operate these switches with little finger movement.

Banana Split switches

a review from a mechanical keyboard enthusiast perspective. If you’re like me, chances are your favorite thing about your mechanical keyboard is its key switch. Whether it’s heavy switches like Cherry MX Blues, linear switches like Topre, or tactile and clicky ones such as MX Blacks or MX Clears—there’s nothing quite like them. But what if you could try something new? Something… different? Well, that was my journey with Gateron.

Pros and Cons

This Gateron switch looks like it could be a good banana split, but don’t get too excited. While there is a notable bump in tactility from 3A-4A, and there is a discernible pre-travel before bottom out, these switches feel very much like Cherry MX Blues with a 1.5x heavier spring weight on top of them.

Our Recommendations

The keyboards are pretty dull. So why not change them up with some sweet switches? Take a look at our banana split switches for sale, for example. These transparent body keycaps are a unique way to spice up your typing experience. They’re made from bright plastics and offer a loud clicky feeling when you hit each key. And since they’re blank, you can customize them however you like! For more colorful keys or custom printing, check out our shop now!

Banana Split Switches – A Review

If you are seeking a high-quality banana split switch at an affordable price, I would highly recommend Banana Split Switches. In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with a purchase from them, and I know that you’ll be happy with your selection. Banana Split switches consistently come in all shapes and sizes, allowing for customization to match any decor. Each one of their switches is also made in America by American workers who believe in supporting our economy.

Advantages of Split Switches

Banana split switches, also known as combination rocker/toggle switches or 3-way rocker switches, can be used for a variety of applications. For example, you could use them to control ceiling fans, lighting in small rooms or hallways, or even an attic fan. The type of power switch you choose will depend on what it will be used for. Here are some advantages to consider when purchasing these devices

Where to use Banana Split Switches

As a part of their benefits package, many employers provide employees with access to a private gym, or they pay for them to join a local fitness center. Since you can’t take your laptop or iPad into most gyms and many fitness centers offer Wi-Fi for members to use, Banana Split Switches are great for people who want to listen to music on their devices while working out.

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