The Best Beach Wagon That Makes Your Outdoor Life Livable In 2022

Shopping online at the Beach Wagon online store is always a wonderful experience. You can find everything you need to make the most of your next trip to the beach or lake on their website, with everything from sand pails and shovels to tents and sunblock available in all sizes. The Beach Wagon carries only the highest quality products, so you know that every item they sell will serve its purpose perfectly, ensuring that you and your family have the best summer vacation possible! Read on to learn more about why you should purchase your next beach wagon from Beach Wagon in 2022 buying guides.

Buyer’s Guide To A Beach Wagon in 2022

Summer is coming, and it’s time to decide which beach wagon to buy for your family vacations. There are plenty of great options out there, but we have narrowed down a few must-have features that you should check for when looking for a new beach wagon. Since every family vacation is different, you will want to take into account your own unique needs and goals in order to make an informed purchase decision. Let’s start with what you should consider before purchasing a beach wagon.

Types of Beach Wagons

Beach wagons come in many different styles, sizes, and levels of luxury. Before investing in a beach wagon, it is important to decide exactly what you want out of your beach cart. Do you need extra storage? Do you need wheels to make transportation easier? Are there multiple people in your party with different needs and desires? Whatever they are, be sure to take these factors into consideration when choosing a beach wagon so that you can get what you’re looking for without spending more than necessary.

How We Chose the Winners Beach Wagon

We spent hours poring over specs, both online and on paper. To narrow down our list, we focused on beach wagons that had a combined maximum weight capacity of 1,000 pounds or less, as well as four- or six-wheeled models with suspension. Ultimately, we chose finalists based on their all-around performance and real-world value. We then tested all of them over the course of several days to determine which one was truly worth your money and attention.

Budget-Friendly Beach Wagon

When shopping for a beach wagon, it’s important to find one that is both affordable and worth your hard-earned money. Although there are plenty of models in every price range, our research suggests you should stay away from anything less than $100; although you can find many wagons in the $100-$300 range, these options tend to be of lower quality and might not hold up as well after a season at the beach.


Are you looking for a new beach wagon? Have you ever wondered which vehicles provide safe and reliable transportation to various outdoor locations? Are you planning to purchase one for yourself or for your family? If yes, then keep reading! We will discuss 10 of our top picks below.

List of 10 Best Beach Wagon In 2022

VIVOSUN Folding Collapsible Beach Wagon Outdoor Camping Cart

VIVOSUN Folding Collapsible Beach Wagon Outdoor Camping Cart BEST PRICE

Color: Blue
Material: Metal, Polyvinyl Chloride
Number of Wheels: 4
Collapsible Folding Utility Beach Wagon Cart

Collapsible Folding Utility Beach Wagon Cart BEST PRICE

Brand: MacSports
Color: Blue/Black
Material: Plastic
Item Weight: 24.5 Pounds
PORTAL Collapsible Folding Utility Beach Wagon Cart

PORTAL Collapsible Folding Utility Beach Wagon Cart BEST PRICE

Color: Blue
Material: Polyester
Item Weight: 22.5 Pounds
AthLike All-Terrain Beach Wagon

AthLike All-Terrain Beach Wagon BEST PRICE

Brand: AthLike
Color: Blue
Material: Alloy Steel, Rubber
Item Weight: 22 Pounds
The Best Beach Wagon That Makes Your Outdoor Life Livable In 2022

VIVOSUN Heavy Duty Folding Collapsible Beach Wagon BEST PRICE

Color: Gray
Material: Metal, Polyvinyl Chloride
Number of Wheels: 4
Collapsible Folding Outdoor Garden Utility Beach Wagon

Collapsible Folding Outdoor Garden Utility Beach Wagon BEST PRICE

Brand: Amazon Basics
Color: Blue
Material: Plastic
Item Weight: 19.4 Pounds
MacSports Heavy Duty Collapsible Beach Wagon Cart

MacSports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding Beach Wagon Cart BEST PRICE

Brand: MacSports
Color: Blue/White With Logo
Material: Plastic
Item Weight: 23.1 Pounds
Folding Beach Wagon Cart With Brake Free Standing

Folding Beach Wagon Cart With Brake Free Standing BEST PRICE

Color: Black
Material: Polyester, Alloy Steel
Frame Material: Alloy Steel
Seina Collapsible Steel Utility Beach Wagon Cart

Seina Collapsible Steel Frame Folding Utility Beach Wagon Cart BEST PRICE

Brand: Seina
Color: Gray
Material: Polyester
Frame Material: Alloy Steel
RollX Foldable Storage Wagon Beach Cart

RollX Foldable Storage Wagon Beach Cart BEST PRICE

Brand: RollX
Color: Blue
Number of Wheels: 4
Assembly Required: Yes

1) VIVOSUN Folding Collapsible Beach Wagon Outdoor Camping Cart

One of the best things about going to the beach or camping with your family is being able to bring all your stuff with you. This can be difficult, especially if you are trying to keep it all organized while you transport it on foot or in your car. If you have been wanting an easy way to transport your belongings without having to worry about keeping them safe and organized, then the VIVOSUN Folding Collapsible Beach Wagon Outdoor Camping Cart may be just what you are looking for!

Why I Bought It

I wanted a wagon that I could take to picnics and camping trips and have room for lots of cargo. Since our family lives in an apartment, space is limited so it was important that we have something that collapses easily, yet has plenty of space for everything we need to bring. The wagon folds down into a small size (15′′x10′′x11′′) with no tools required. It was very easy to assemble and took about 2 minutes!

Pros and Cons

This wagon is collapsible, which means it’s convenient to use, and easy to store when not in use. While it won’t collapse enough to fit into your car’s trunk, it easily folds up small enough to be stowed under a bed or even in a closet. This makes for easy portability, making it easy to take with you on vacations, camping trips, beach walks—or any other activity that requires transporting heavy objects from one place to another.

Where I Used Beach Wagon

Last week, I had to move some heavy furniture in my apartment building. Since I didn’t have a dolly and there was no way I could carry one of my dressers up several flights of stairs (it weighed over 50 pounds), I headed to my local hardware store and bought a collapsible wagon.

How I Like It

I really like how it folds up easily. I also liked that it was very sturdy, even when a toddler sat in it (I had to test). It’s lightweight enough to take anywhere but solid enough that my heavy beach bag didn’t make it sink. I don’t have any complaints about this wagon – it worked perfectly for me and has already gotten some serious use over Memorial Day weekend. I love that it takes up so little space in my car!


I recently received an opportunity to try out and review a collapsible wagon from Vivosun, a company that produces outdoor gear. They make several different models, but I decided to go with their folding wagon. Here is my review after having used it for about a month.

2) Collapsible Folding Utility Beach Wagon Cart

If you are taking the family to the beach and want an easy way to get there, this collapsible wagon may be just what you need. It folds flat, making it easy to store in your trunk or backseat. Then just unfold it and pull the handle up to extend it all the way out and you are ready to go! It has all kinds of compartments and pockets to keep your things organized while you are enjoying your time at the beach.

Features and Details

When we first got wind of these carts, we didn’t think they could be real. Could something really be so simple and so useful? Well, it can—and it is. At a retail price of only $130.99 with free shipping, these lightweight (only 25.5 pounds!) wheeled carts are perfectly designed for beach bums, campers, and travelers alike!

Initial Impression

The Collapsible Folding Utility Beach Wagon is a well-designed piece of equipment. The design and construction are solid, and I have no doubt that it will last for many seasons to come. It assembles easily and disassembles in minutes for compact storage. The tires are large enough to support heavy loads, yet still provide easy rolling across beach terrain. Best of all, they’re comfortable—I don’t even feel them through my shoes!

Design, Materials, and Style

The folding utility beach wagon cart is very strong, with thick and rugged plastic that feels as though it will last forever. The wheels are slightly smaller than I would like, but at 22 they feel sturdy and well-built. The overall design and materials suggest a high-quality product.

How I Use Beach Wagon?

My entire family uses these carts. They are fantastic. We live near a beach and we go there often. This cart is great for hauling all of our stuff (and more) to and from our vehicles, through a massive parking lot, and into the sand where we picnic. There’s plenty of room for food and extra towels for everyone too! It was a little difficult to learn how to collapse it initially, but now that I have done it a few times, it’s easier each time.

Summary & Conclusion

The Collapsible Folding Utility Beach Wagon is an excellent cart for those who want to make a shopping trip with their family at a crowded store. It is easy to use, and it can carry goods for up to three members of your family. The cart itself is sturdy and has four solid plastic wheels that are durable. For added convenience, you can fold it down for storage when not in use.

3) PORTAL Collapsible Folding Utility Beach Wagon Cart

PORTAL Collapsible Folding Utility Beach Wagon Cart ReviewThe PORTAL Collapsible Folding Utility Beach Wagon Cart easily handles the items you need to bring with you to the beach, like towels, coolers, and chairs. The wagon comes fully assembled, so it’s ready to use as soon as you take it out of the box. This makes it easy to have your items prepped and ready to go when you get to the beach and are trying to find an area to set up.

How I became interested in collapsible carts

I’ve long been a beach lover. Living in California, it’s easy to head down to one of many beaches and go for a surf or just relax on the warm sand. But getting there can be an adventure—especially if you have a lot of gear with you as I do.

All About The PORTAL Beach Wagon

The PORTAL is a high-quality beach wagon that makes carrying all those supplies you’ll need on your next trip to the beach much easier. It collapses down and folds easily, so it’s compact and easy to store when not in use. You can take it anywhere with ease, making it great for a variety of outdoor activities. It comes in blue and red colors.

Testing The PORTAL at the beach

We found The PORTAL to be very sturdy on soft sand and easily able to carry our beach chairs, umbrellas, and coolers. This lightweight and collapsible wagon was a huge help in carrying everything down to our favorite spot for spending a day at the beach.

Reviewing the durability of The PORTAL

The cart itself is made from a sturdy material that is built to last, but only if taken care of properly. In addition to being easy to fold and unfold, it can hold up to 200 pounds. Overall, it’s one of my favorite purchases because I no longer have to load heavy beach chairs and umbrellas into my car. This product makes life on the beach easier!

Closing Thoughts

When it comes to transporting things that are bulky and hard to move, traditional wagons or carts just don’t cut them. With a beach wagon, you can easily transport a considerable amount of stuff from one place to another without breaking your back in half.

4) AthLike All-Terrain Beach Wagon

Choosing the right vehicle to help carry your family and all of your beach gear to the shore can be confusing and frustrating, but with the AthLike All-Terrain Beach Wagon by Brinly-Hardy, you’ll never have to worry about that again! I received this wagon as a gift from my in-laws after my fourth child was born, and I’ve used it every year since! Here are my top five reasons that this wagon has made beach trips so much easier!

Quick Features Overview

The AthLike All-Terrain Beach Wagon is one of several all-terrain beach wagons available on Amazon. The difference between it and others? It’s pretty unique in its shape, design, and durability—all while still coming in at a mid to lower price point. Let’s take a look at some key features that make it worth considering

Unboxing and Set-Up

If you’re purchasing online, I recommend you make a day of it and buy everything at once. The wagon comes with four-wheel tubes and two seat cushions. It also has a plastic bag with ties to hold them when they aren’t in use; however, none of these were actually attached to the wagon. We spent five minutes trying to figure out where they go until we realized they don’t actually come in contact with anything that moves.

Tire Inflation and Deflation

Due to their inflatable nature, tires should be checked for proper inflation whenever you get gas. This will ensure that your car is getting an even amount of air throughout all its tires. The most accurate way to check tire pressure is with a tire pressure gauge, which can be purchased at any auto parts store. Remember to always turn off your car and set it in the park before attempting to change your tires.

Tires, Windows, and Storage of AthLike Beach Wagon

The AthLike all-terrain beach wagon comes with rugged tires that can roll over sand, dirt, and other unpaved surfaces. In addition to providing excellent traction in soft sand, these durable tires are great for snowy days when you’d rather not risk sliding on your rear end. The skid plates under each tire protect rims from damage in rocky terrain. The truck bed’s sizable metal storage cover can be opened or closed with a single hand – very convenient!

Upholstery and Seating

The riding area on my AthLike beach wagon is well designed. The seating is comfortable and cushioned. It features a steel frame so I know it’s strong and will be able to carry me and my surfboard around for years to come. The seat height can be adjusted, as can both arms, so I am able to find a position that works for me every time. One of my favorite things about it though is how low it sits off of the ground – it just makes everything easier!

Accessories and Add-Ons

If you’re heading to a beach or any other kind of area with sand or soft soil, you’ll want a wagon that can handle it. The AthLike has one of our favorite accessories for off-road terrain: an inflatable inner tube. This gives users extra traction over sand and mud and keeps them from getting stuck on uneven surfaces.

5) VIVOSUN Heavy Duty Folding Collapsible Beach Wagon

VIVOSUN Heavy Duty Folding Collapsible Beach Wagon Review: The VIVOSUN Heavy Duty Folding Collapsible Beach Wagon makes an excellent beach wagon that can comfortably hold two heavy beach chairs, plus all the coolers and towels you need for your trip to the shore! It also comes with a convenient umbrella holder on the side, which prevents your umbrellas from blowing away in the wind!


A beach wagon is an essential part of any family’s summer. It allows you to have fun and relax on a long beach day, while also providing you with plenty of storage space for all your essentials. We’re going to be taking a look at one of these versatile items, namely the VIVOSUN 1060-Lb Capacity Hand Truck by Flexi USA, which has garnered some praise from Amazon reviewers.

Description of VIVOSUN Beach Wagon

If you’re looking for a quality folding wagon, you’re in luck. This wagon is available at an affordable price and offers superior durability, portability, and storage. You won’t be disappointed. I hope you enjoy reading my review of VIVOSUN’s beach wagon.

Pros & Cons

The VIVOSUN wagons have four large wheels with a locking mechanism, making them easy to use. They fold in half for storage, which is great if you don’t have room for them permanently at your beach house. They’re sturdy and easy to use, but they only hold up to 250 pounds of weight.


In today’s review, we looked at a product from VIVOSUN called a heavy-duty folding beach wagon. This is an important product that every beach goer will find useful and should have in their arsenal of beach equipment. If you’re still looking for something like this product or would like to learn more about it or other items they sell, be sure to check out below.

6) Collapsible Folding Outdoor Garden Utility Beach Wagon

If you’re tired of always schlepping things around the beach or camping site, you need to get your hands on this lightweight wagon! This handy collapsible folding outdoor garden utility beach wagon has revolutionized my beach trips and weekend excursions in the woods! Weighing only 5 pounds, this wagon will be easy to carry with you wherever you go, whether it’s from your car to the campsite or from your car to the grocery store!

The Basics

The Beach Bum wagon is a high-quality collapsible wagon that can hold up to 250 pounds. It includes four wheels that are also collapsible and removable, which makes it easy to transport in your car or truck. The wagon has a handle on either side so you can use it as a standard wheelbarrow. It also includes built-in rubber tires, making it sturdy enough for hauling heavy loads over any surface.


The garden wagon is constructed from plastic-coated, high-grade steel. The five smooth gliding swivel wheels allow for easy maneuvering over bumpy terrain or sandy areas. The wagon has a capacity to hold up to 250 pounds and is available in three colors: blue, red, and orange. Assembly is simple, requiring only 12 hex bolts and their corresponding nuts and washers for assembly. It should take no more than 15 minutes to assemble once you have all parts laid out before you on a flat surface.

Design of Collapsible Folding Beach Wagon

The wagon is perfect for any occasion. Whether it’s a family day out or a camping trip, you will have fun using it. The wagon folds up easily and quickly so you can take it wherever you need to go. It also provides ample storage space, so carrying extra items is simple. In fact, you can load so much in there that it even works as a portable cooler! When empty, simply fold up and store away.


The wagon is made from high-quality materials that are both durable and comfortable. The spring suspension means it’s easy to push over smooth and bumpy terrain alike, while also absorbing any bumps that come your way in order to minimize strain on your body. It has a wide wheelbase that lets you traverse obstacles without issue. Tires made from shock-absorbing rubber help ensure you never get bounced around when jostling with other beachgoers for a good spot.

Extra Features

The wagon can be easily folded and stored, making it ideal for travel or storage. Additionally, it features reinforced steel brackets to support up to 300 pounds of weight. It even comes with a cup holder for convenient refreshment on the go! Lastly, all four wheels lock in place when fully extended. This feature prevents any unwanted movement from occurring when you’re hauling around heavy items or passengers.

7) MacSports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding Beach Wagon Cart

When the family takes the kids to the beach, you want to be able to bring everything that you need and still have room left over. With the MacSports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding Beach Wagon Cart Review, that’s what this article will help you do! If you like the idea of having a cart that fits in your trunk, folds up so it doesn’t take up too much space in your apartment when you aren’t using it, but still has enough room on top to fit all of your stuff on the beach, this may be just what you are looking for!

Why We Chose This Product

The MacSports heavy-duty folding beach wagon is a great option for carrying your stuff to and from your favorite beach, park, or sporting event. The wagon folds up in seconds, and you can easily store it under a bed or in your car trunk when not in use. Its unique design allows it to fold flat without needing any tools, so it’s easy to take with you wherever you go. This wagon is super versatile and can carry up to 200 pounds of weight – even a fully grown adult!

What We Like About It

With a weight capacity of 500 pounds, MacSports folding beach wagon is probably one of the best beach wagons you can buy. Unlike other wagons on our list, Macsports’ wagon has five wheels making it easy to pull around on uneven surfaces like sand and soft grass. The wheels also have locks for safety purposes so that kids won’t be able to turn them while playing with them.

Things to Consider

While some people love to carry everything they’ll need for a day at a beach in a single bag, others prefer to have their belongings spread out and available more quickly. And that’s where a product like MacSports Heavy Duty Collapsible Folding Beach Wagon comes in handy.

Overall, Is This Product Worth the Price?

This collapsible wagon is a great investment. I was hesitant to spend $100 on it, but now that I’ve used it several times, I can say that it was worth every penny. In fact, because of how sturdy and functional it is, I’d say that a price tag of $150 or even $200 would be appropriate. If you want a product that is both convenient and durable, then look no further than MacSports’ heavy-duty folding beach wagon cart.

We Give it a 4.5/5 Star Rating

The Mac sports folding beach wagon is one of those things that we’re always wishing we had with us when we go to a beach, but never think to actually buy it. If you live near a beach or somewhere that involves lots of walking, then chances are you’ve thought about how cool it would be to have a wagon like what they use at beaches. Well, now you can! This collapsible wagon from Mac sports is affordable and works great.

8) Folding Beach Wagon Cart With Brake Free Standing

Getting kids to the beach can be tricky, especially if you want to make sure they’re having fun and not just fussy and bored from being in the car too long. If you’re planning to hit the beach this summer, look into getting them something like the folding beach wagon cart with brake free-standing review – it makes getting them there and back easier and will help you get some extra peace of mind.

Product Description

This collapsible wagon cart is made with a sturdy, corrosion-resistant steel frame that’s powder-coated to resist rust and chipping. The all-terrain wheels have a heavy-duty tread that won’t get stuck in sand or dirt. The cart also includes a foldaway hand brake so you can stop it easily when pulling items up or down hills, or coming up to intersections. When you need to store it, simply twist its foot locks into place and fold its legs down against each other.

Features of Folding Beach Wagon Product

Steel frame construction with a durable red finish. Rubber handles for comfortable carrying, and folding wheels with parking brake for safety and convenience. Additional 6-tall tubular steel handle to safely pull wagon behind you by hand or attach bungee straps to sides of the cart to hold a cooler (not included). Sturdy high-impact plastic wheels measure 2 inches in diameter and have an overall diameter of 11.75 inches, while the high-impact black rubber tires are 2.5 inches wide.

Pros & Cons

First off, you can use it at an amusement park, at a parade, or even on a shopping trip. It is truly one of those carts that do it all. You can set up for your little ones in about 5 minutes flat and fold down just as quickly when you’re finished. You will notice that once assembled, it stands well on its own without any further assistance; I was surprised with how stable it was once constructed. Our two-year-old was able to ride around without fear of it tipping over!

9) Seina Collapsible Steel Frame Folding Utility Beach Wagon Cart

Seina Collapsible Steel Frame Folding Utility Beach Wagon Cart Review (Folds flat to 4 in. x 27 in.) Everything you need to know about the Seina Collapsible Steel Frame Folding Utility Beach Wagon Cart Review, including how to use it and where to buy it.​ Review Summary of the Seina Collapsible Steel Frame Folding Utility Beach Wagon Cart (Folds flat to 4 in. x 27 in.

Packaging and unboxing

The folding beach wagon arrived quickly and undamaged. The packaging was very compact, taking up very little space in my mailbox. I appreciate companies that go to great lengths to create a small footprint while shipping products.

Size, weight, and material of Beach Wagon

The size of the Seina Collapsible Steel Frame Folding Utility Beach Wagon Cart is 27.5 x 14.5 x 10 inches and it weighs about 12 pounds. The frame and wheels are made from steel, but not just any kind; it’s a steel alloy that offers strength with reduced weight, plus resistance to corrosion and rusting.

Pros and Cons

The biggest pro is that I get to store a huge amount of stuff in my wagon without worrying about it falling out. The only con is that there’s no seat belt, so it makes it unsafe for kids to ride in. But if you’re just carting gear around, not kids, and want a very convenient way to store lots of stuff then you’ll love this beach wagon!

Comparison to other products

Over time, I’ve bought and used many beach carts. This one is by far my favorite! It has sturdy steel construction and a nice powder coating that seems like it will last. This cart is large enough to hold all my equipment (sand toys, folding chairs, cooler, and other misc. items). The frame folds down nicely so that you can load up your car without hitting your head on it as you load or unload your vehicle.


The Seina folding beach wagon is a great little wagon that easily collapses down for storing and can hold up to 150 pounds, perfect for hauling around coolers, towels, and all your other beach items. If you’re planning a day at the beach or if you have any other outdoor activities planned with kids, then a collapsible wagon might be just what you need to make it easier. This product is portable, lightweight, easy to store when not in use as well as easy to assemble when needed.

10) RollX Foldable Storage Wagon Beach Cart

The Foldable Storage Wagon Beach Cart is easy to assemble and it comes with an air pump so you can inflate the tires in order to make it easier to pull around on sandy surfaces or in soft terrains such as sand dunes, beaches, or other sandy locations. It’s also collapsible, so when you aren’t using it you can fold it up and store it out of the way until your next beach day! And because it’s made of lightweight plastic, this wagon will be easy to move around while still being strong enough to hold up under all sorts of loads!

About the product

I never want to rent beach equipment again. This wagon makes it easy to carry stuff to and from my car. It folds flat and has a strap that allows me to hook it up to my car’s roof rack so I can take it back home. The best part? I didn’t have to spend another $100 on rental fees! If you go camping or travel a lot, I definitely recommend getting one of these.

Packaging and Shipping

Packaging is an essential part of shipping. Whether your product is getting shipped across town or across oceans, it has to get to its destination in one piece. Good packaging material will prevent your products from getting damaged during shipping. Make sure you use a good carton and other cushioning material to protect your products. Some packaging may need special treatment due to its weight or fragility, so make sure you find out beforehand if you need specific handling materials or equipment.

Product specifications and features

Shipping and packaging are two of your biggest overhead costs. And while it’s tempting to focus on how you can drive costs down, a better approach is to keep an eye on what’s working and what isn’t. In other words, follow your numbers: Monitor shipping rates from multiple vendors, compare postage prices from different carriers, etc. The number one goal should be to make sure that everything you ship reaches its intended destination in excellent condition (read: no damages).

Pros and Cons

The ROLLX foldable storage wagon allows you to transport more than 1,000 pounds of beach supplies. It’s made of an extremely sturdy and durable steel frame and measures 4 feet wide x 6 feet long x 3.5 feet high when fully assembled. However, it’s also difficult to assemble as it comes in three separate parts that have to be bolted together before use.

What could be improved?

The RollX Foldable Storage Wagon is a great Beach Wagon cart. The fabric looks sturdy and has held up well to our users so far. However, there are several changes that I would recommend to make it even better! First, as another reviewer mentioned, there should be some sort of mechanism for securing cargo in place when going down steep inclines—we went down a slight hill and my daughter’s crayons spilled out of her bag because they were not strapped down.

Final thoughts

When it comes to cart design, there are quite a few things that went into consideration. The foldability of a cart is an excellent feature and makes cart use much easier than ever before. Having it collapsible also allows it to be stored easily. Although one minor drawback could be having to put some effort into folding it back up, once you get used to doing so, it will become simple and quick again. This storage Beach Wagon cart is definitely something that I would recommend for many reasons!

Beach Wagon FAQs:

What kind of wagon is best for the beach?

When shopping for a beach wagon, it’s important to consider what you’ll be using it for and how far you’ll need to travel with your cargo. If you only have a few small bags and towels, an easy-to-use wagon with wheels that lock will be fine.

What is a good beach wagon for sand?

Many parents would like to go out with their children when they take them on their first trip to a beach. The problem is that it can be hard for parents and children alike in that setting. One way of helping you get through it is having some sort of help on hand. A big part of that help should be a great wagon, and we’re here today to make sure you know what you’re doing when you pick one out. To do that, let’s talk about how those work together with sand!

Do beach wagons work on sand?

Some beach wagons have bigger wheels, which will make it easier for you to get through the sand on your way out at low tide. While they are better equipped for sand, they may not be as easy to navigate over concrete and asphalt. The best wagon for you depends on what you plan on using it for most of all. Do you plan on trekking through sandy beaches all summer long? Or do you anticipate more concrete and less sand?

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