The Best Chainsaw Mill That You Need for Your DIY Projects

There are many different models of chainsaw mills on the market, and it can be hard to figure out which one is right for you without doing your research first. To save you time, we’ve done some chainsaw mill reviews ourselves, research the topic on the Internet, and interview sawmill owners from across the United States so that we could compile this guide to show you how to find the best chainsaw mill for your needs. By following these steps, you’ll ensure that you get the most out of your milling experience and that you get the best value for your money.

Choosing a chainsaw mill based on the materials you cut

There are many chainsaw mills to choose from, but they all come with different blade sizes and cutting depths. If you’re someone who cuts a lot of wood, you’ll want to go for a mill that has more than one blade, since using a big one will allow you to work faster. On top of that, make sure it fits your saw—just because an extra-large mill might look great doesn’t mean it will actually fit on your chainsaw.

Choosing between electric and gas chainsaw mills

There are a number of factors that you need to consider before deciding between electric and gas chainsaw mills. These include budget, ease of maintenance, features, and noise. First, you should figure out what kind of wood cutting job you are going to use your mill for most often. Gas-powered chainsaws generally cut faster than electric ones, so if speed is important to you, go with gas. But if you’re looking for quiet operation, go with an electric model.

How much should I spend on a chainsaw mill?

The amount you’ll need to spend on a chainsaw mill depends on your intended use. For example, are you looking for a mill that can be used for both cutting firewood and lumber? If so, then you’ll likely want to spend more money than if you were using it only for one of those tasks. In general, however, most chainsaw mills cost between $30 and $300.

Types of chainsaw mills – CNC vs manual

If you’re looking for a chainsaw mill, there are basically two different types that you can buy: manual and CNC. The latter is far more complex and will typically cost you more, but CNC mills are also able to produce higher-quality cuts as well as handle materials of greater size and weight. For most consumers, however, a manual sawmill is going to be sufficient.

Buyer’s Guide to Sawmill Accessories

If you’re interested in chainsaw milling, there are a number of accessories that can make your life easier and increase your productivity. Consider chainsaws, chippers, log splitters, pallet forks, and other necessary safety gear. By equipping yourself with a few additional tools, you can save yourself time and make your chainsaw milling business more efficient. Read on to learn more about chainsaw mill accessories to improve your efficiency.

Chainsaw Mill Reviews

Before you start perusing chainsaw mill reviews, take a moment to evaluate your space and needs. There are quite a few factors to consider, including whether or not your home is zoned for outbuildings; if there’s a power source near your work area; if you have access to natural gas or propane; and most importantly, what kind of wood products you plan on creating with it. Only after answering these questions can you begin focusing on which mills to review.

List of 10 Best Chainsaw Mills In 2022

Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill 36 Inches Planking

Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill 36 Inches Planking BEST PRICE

Brand: Carmyra
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 36 x 12 x 18 inches
Brand: Carmyra
Item Weight: 7.5 Kilograms
HVUE Vertical Chainsaw Mill Lumber Cutting Steel Timber

HVUE Vertical Chainsaw Mill Lumber Cutting Steel Timber BEST PRICE

Premium Material
Cutting Method
Easy to Use
Wide Application
VBENLEM Portable Chainsaw Mill Planking Milling Guide Bar

VBENLEM Portable Chainsaw Mill Planking Milling Guide Bar BEST PRICE

High Quality Material
Efficient Working Tool
Adjustable Chainsaw Mill
Easy to Assemble
Hihone Chainsaw Mill, Portable 14Inch to 36Inch Guide Bar

Hihone Chainsaw Mill, Portable 14Inch to 36Inch Guide Bar BEST PRICE

Brand: Hihone
Package Size: 98287CM
Package Weight: 13.5KG
Perfect For: Homeowners
ZeroPone Vertical Cutting Chainsaw Mill Guide Blue

ZeroPone Vertical Cutting Chainsaw Mill Guide Blue BEST PRICE

Vertical Cutting
Burible Material
Adjustable Width Freely
Wide Application
The Best Chainsaw Mill That You Need for Your DIY Projects

Portable Chainsaw mill 36 Inch steel and Aluminum Planking BEST PRICE

Steel and Aluminum Construction
Lighter and stronger
36-inch length
Lifetime warranty
Portable 14 Inch to 36 Inch Guide Bar Chainsaw Mill

Portable 14 Inch to 36 Inch Guide Bar Chainsaw Mill BEST PRICE

This set includes:one 36″ chainsaw mill
Mill slabs from 0.5″ to 14″ thick
Size: 9-FT rail mill guide system
Connector kit
Hihone Portable 14 Inch to 48 Inch Guide Bar Chainsaw Mill

Hihone Portable 14 Inch to 48 Inch Guide Bar Chainsaw Mill BEST PRICE

Package Size: 95257CM
Package Weight: 8.85KG
Mill slabs from 0.5″ to 14″ thick
Perfect for homeowners
Portable Chainsaw Mill Steel and Aluminum Planking

Portable Chainsaw Mill Steel and Aluminum Planking BEST PRICE

Chainsaw bar length 10-36 Inches
Planking Milling Height & Width Adjustable
Lightweight and tough tool
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
RCTEC 12 FT Rail Chainsaw Mill Guide System

RCTEC 12 FT Rail Chainsaw Mill Guide System BEST PRICE

Brand: RCTEC
Size: 12-FT
Use: Logwood chip cutting
Best for: Homeowners, woodworkers, & carpenters

1) Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill 36 Inches Planking

There are very few things that can compare to the serenity of the forest, but using Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill Planking has proven to be one of them. It takes hard work to look easy, and it works in all different kinds of conditions. For anyone looking to get the job done right without wearing themselves out, this model is the way to go. Here’s why it works so well and what some of its shortcomings are, so you can make an informed decision before ordering it yourself.

What is a portable chainsaw mill?

A portable chainsaw mill is a handy tool for making lumber and other boards out of trees. This is a great little tool to own as it makes more wood available for firewood or just building projects around your home. This allows you to gain access to material that would normally be very hard to work with when using regular tools. A portable chainsaw mill can help you make good use of otherwise unusable logs from your backyard by turning them into usable lumber which you can then sell or use for some project in your home.

How it works

The Carmyra portable chainsaw mill is a relatively new product on the market that has been receiving a lot of attention for its portability and simplicity. While there are cheaper mills available on Amazon and eBay, many people are choosing to get their wood planed by professionals, which can be costly. The Carmyra provides an option that’s both affordable and easy to use.

My experience

I had never used a chainsaw mill before I was given one as a gift. In fact, I didn’t even know what it was for until my partner started using it to make house benches. After he showed me how I have been hooked on them ever since. They’re simple to use and can do amazing things; you just need to know what you’re doing!

Pros & Cons

The Carmyra portable chainsaw mill is a great investment for those looking to build decks, fences, and other wooden structures. The company provides technical support and troubleshooting for its customers via telephone, email, and social media. The chainsaw mill weighs about 125 pounds and can be moved from job site to job site fairly easily if you have an SUV or pickup truck with a rack or flatbed trailer. This unit does not have any electrical components so it’s easy to use anywhere there is a power source nearby.

2) HVUE Vertical Chainsaw Mill Lumber Cutting Steel Timber

When you are looking to purchase a lumber mill, there are many types available on the market today and most of them can find online. However, not all of them are the same and because this is an investment that could cost you thousands of dollars, it is important to know the differences between them before you decide which one to buy.

While comparing different chainsaw mills may seem daunting at first, this article will teach you how to do so effectively and with ease. If you have ever used one before, then this will also help you learn about some unique aspects that make these different from other models.

Introduction to the product

A lot of times, I hear about small-scale lumber mills trying to figure out how to get started. It’s a big investment in machinery, which is why most woodworkers stick with hand tools. But it doesn’t have to be that way. A chainsaw mill might not be a viable option for every sawyer but if you’re looking for a way to increase production and/or efficiency, then keep reading.

Product specifications

This mini sawmill is easy to assemble, and its compact size makes it easy to store and move when necessary. Use it to cut lumber of any size that you can fit between its supports. This chainsaw mill features a special adjustable foot pedal that allows you to easily feed wood into it, no matter what position you’re in. It also features an integrated blade guard which protects your hands while cutting lumber of up to 18 inches wide.

How does HVUE Vertical Chainsaw Mill work?

The HVUE Vertical Chainsaw Mill is sawmill that works without electricity and is powered by hand with a pullcord instead gas. It’s perfect for anyone who’s trying to cut lumber on their own property. If you don’t have access to an electric saw, or you want to avoid gas emissions in your yard, then you should check out how it works! Learn more about it here!

Product advantages and disadvantages

In all honesty, that’s something you’ll have to determine for yourself after some extensive use. We can share a few pros and cons with you, but ultimately it will be your experience and opinions that matter most. As far as cons go, there are a few things we noticed that might turn off potential buyers.

3) VBENLEM Portable Chainsaw Mill Planking Milling Guide Bar

VBENLEM Chainsaw mill is an awesome piece of machinery that allows you to cut your lumber down to different dimensions without having to rely on expensive machinery such as chainsaws, circular saws, and table saws that can cost you thousands of dollars in the long run, but also take up valuable space in your garage or workshop. It’s actually one of my favorite tools I have ever used because it has saved me so much time and money over the years and has made woodworking far more enjoyable than it used to be.

Main features

4-ply and 3-ply, 1.5MM,2.0MM, and 2.5MM thicknesses available; Can be used with electric or gas chain saw (200CC); Ultra-lightweight allows easy to use in any area of your home; Ideal for making high-quality plywood products like flooring, furniture, etc.

Pros and Cons

Lightweight and portable – Though it’s ideal for hiking or backpacking into a location, it isn’t very convenient to transport because it doesn’t come with a case. You might need to buy one separately. + Clear instructions included – The tool comes with detailed instructions on how to use it and which safety precautions you should take before operating.

How does VBENLEM Portable Chainsaw Mill perform?

This chainsaw mill does exactly what it is supposed to do. It does not have any extra that you may want, but if you are looking for a simple piece of equipment that will help you get your hardwood flooring into usable planks, then look no further. This model is great for those who are on a budget and aren’t wanting to buy more equipment to complete their project.

Final thoughts

This portable chainsaw mill turned out to be a pretty useful piece of equipment. It’s built to withstand heavy, frequent use, and it makes all sorts of cuts so long as you have some patience and a steady hand. The manual is great, but an online video would have been helpful too. All in all, I found that I got a lot out of it once I learned how to use it correctly.

4) Hihone Chainsaw Mill, Portable 14Inch to 36Inch Guide Bar

Hihone products are the finest in their line, and this model was no exception. With three different bar sizes ranging from 14-36 inches, you are guaranteed to find the perfect size that will suit your needs best. I enjoyed using this saw so much that I didn’t even want to put it down when the project is done! If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable chainsaw mill that offers ease of use and versatility, look no further than the Hihone Chainsaw Mill!


Over the past few years, many companies have developed portable guide bars that are now commercially available for consumer purchase. This is great news for woodworkers and hobbyists who wish to make crosscuts at different lengths in their workshop or backyard. The Hihone chainsaw mill is a relatively inexpensive option. It’s an economical and convenient way to rough cut lumber, which is what most people would do with it on a regular basis.

Pros & Cons

Hihone’s guide bar isn’t a cheap purchase. However, it can do just about anything other guide bars can—and more. The Hihone has an easy-to-install Quick-Lock clamping system and an emergency stop mechanism that works quickly and effectively if something goes wrong. It’s ideal for felling trees or limbing them up into manageable sizes so they can be bucked with a regular chainsaw.

Key Features of Hihone Chainsaw Mill

This chainsaw mill from Hihone is easy to use and works well for small jobs around your house. It has a depth adjustment so you can precisely control how thick your lumber will be when it’s done. And since you’re controlling how much wood is removed, there are no waste chunks of wood left behind. Simply put your log on top of two other logs (about three feet high) and slide it through a few times until you have your desired length.

Buying Considerations

There are a few things to consider when you’re buying a chainsaw mill. First and foremost is that you need to choose a size that matches your sawmill needs. If you don’t already own a chainsaw, you’ll also need to think about whether or not you want one included with your purchase. Once you know what size and model of mill you want, it will be easier for you (and your sales representative) to determine which features are most important for your woodworking plans.

5) ZeroPone Vertical Cutting Chainsaw Mill Guide Blue

The ZeroPone Vertical Cutting Chainsaw Mill Guide is an innovative product that helps woodworkers complete the cutting process faster and safer. The guide ensures the woodworker keeps both hands in a safe position while cutting the wood, which reduces the risk of injury. This article provides readers with an overview of this product and shares reasons why it’s one of the best tools for cutting lumber on a chainsaw mill.

Quick Summary

The ZeroPone vertical cutting chainsaw mill guide is a very well-made piece of woodworking equipment that helps you to make a quality, safe cut every time. This can be especially important if you’re working with wet wood, like lumber that has just been delivered from the sawmill. Before you even think about buying one of these guides, though, it’s important to know what it does and how to use it properly.

Pros and Cons

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. While many are attracted to pole saws for their versatility, many homeowners quickly discover they just don’t cut it. The same is true of chainsaws that can be mounted to a truck or tractor; while these tools have utility, it’s impossible to power them up high enough to actually be useful. Yet when you combine these two tools into one, you end up with a beast of a machine.

Final Thoughts About ZeroPone Chainsaw Mill

If you’re looking for a way to make money online, there are plenty of ways. This is just one example from over 300+ options we have available. Don’t be afraid to give these a try, they are truly legitimate and pay fairly well. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will get back to you ASAP.

6) Portable Chainsaw mill 36″ Inch steel and Aluminum Planking

Portable chainsaw mills are tools that have been creating to make the job of cutting logs into lumber much easier than it was before. Whether you’re doing it as part of your business or just cutting down logs for your fireplace, having a portable chainsaw mill can save you time and energy, plus save the trees in your area from being cut down unnecessarily if you’re only making lumber from firewood. However, with so many different models out there, how do you decide which one to go with? Here are some things to consider when choosing one.

How does it work?

There are two general types of chainsaw mills: those with a gear-driven mechanism and those that work with pneumatic power. Gear-driven chainsaw mills typically feature more precision and ease of use, though they’re often more expensive than pneumatic ones. Pneumatic models often offer greater safety and portability, but don’t be a fool: portable doesn’t mean lacking in power or precision.

What are its benefits?

If you want a portable chainsaw mill, there are some definite perks. Since it’s an attachment for your existing chainsaw, you don’t have to worry about carrying around extra weight and equipment or finding room in your garage for one that stays in your home. Additionally, if you already own a chainsaw (or any other type of power tool), you can start cutting lumber right away with minimal additional costs.

Things to consider when choosing a portable chainsaw mill

The size of your trees and logs, ultimately, is what’s going to determine which chainsaw mill you’ll need. If you plan on cutting logs that are more than 36 inches in diameter (or any number of smaller logs), then consider investing in an old-fashioned sawmill. The cost of setting up your own sawmill for these situations will quickly offset any cost savings from not buying commercial lumber.

Pros & Cons

A portable chainsaw mill can be an asset for logging, emergency services, and individuals interested in woodcutting and milling trees. While we highly recommend our 36-inch aluminum chainsaw mill as a top pick, it’s important to know what makes other mills stand out before you decide on which one is right for you. In addition to capacity, pricing and size are all things you should consider when choosing your portable sawmill.

7) Portable 14 Inch to 36 Inch Guide Bar Chainsaw Mill

If you’re looking to buy a portable 14-inch to 36-inch guide bar chainsaw mill, this will probably be the last portable 14-inch to 36-inch guide bar chainsaw mill review you need. When it comes to guiding bar chainsaw mills, there aren’t many great choices out there, but this one takes the cake! We have compiled all of the important features in this chainsaw mill so that you can get started with your tree pruning and cutting jobs quicker and easier than ever before! It’s easy to set up and easy to use, too!

Build Quality

Quality of build is crucial for tools that are going to be used frequently and that will most likely outlast their owner. This chainsaw mill is built very well, from top to bottom. The guide bar has a robust feel, and all parts fit together tightly with no wiggle room in sight. It’s also completely waterproof and can stand up to rain or snow without any leaks.

First Impressions of Guide Bar Chainsaw Mill

Setting up portable power tools can sometimes be challenging, but our chainsaw mill didn’t require any tools. This device weighs in at just under 20 pounds, which makes it easy to carry between worksites. The small size also makes it easy to store in a shed or garage. The set-up procedure took less than five minutes and we were able to use our new machine within that time frame.


The guide bar chainsaw mill is a workhorse tool with multiple uses. It’s big enough for some serious cutting, yet it can be folded and carried in your backpack. For making firewood, no other tool offers better value. While operating a chainsaw is not hard, it does require skill and attention to detail. If you are not used to working with these tools, I recommend that you take a few classes on them before working solo.

8) Hihone Portable 14 Inch to 48 Inch Guide Bar Chainsaw Mill

There’s no denying that chainsaws are one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to cut down trees and other obstructions in your yard or on your property, but chainsaws also come with their fair share of drawbacks. One of these problems is how difficult it can be to use one; trying to guide the saw through thick branches, trees, or logs can make you feel like an amateur lumberjack.

A Quick Look at the Product

The Hihone Chainsaw Mill is a portable, easy-to-use device that makes it easy for you to cut firewood into specific sizes. Whether you’re dealing with small branches or big logs, you can make your tasks easier by simply attaching it onto a chainsaw and switching it on. The mill allows you to choose from 3 different settings based on what kind of wood you’re working with, which can help ensure that your jobs run smoothly.

Is This Product Right For You?

If you are thinking about buying a chainsaw mill, but you have not seen a product like Hihone yet, then I must tell you that there is nothing that comes close to what they have produced. This guide bar mill offers users so many benefits and advantages that no competitor can touch it. Everything from its price, build quality, ease of use, and performance is superior to any other option on the market.

Features And Benefits Of Hihone Chainsaw Mill

The Hihone portable guide bar chainsaw mill is designed for most professional guide bar chainsaws. It is a cost-effective alternative to rebuilding a faulty saw or buying an entirely new model. The product consists of a high-quality hardened steel bar that prevents damage and enhances performance when working with larger logs. A lock bolt assembly keeps your bars secure in place as you cut, and a recoil spring assembly guarantees smooth operation every time you use it.

What Are Its Pros And Cons?

The Hihone chainsaw mill is a great option for your logging needs. It is lightweight and can be transported easily, but it also packs enough power to do a job as soon as you get it set up. While there are some cons, they aren’t deal-breakers in any way. All in all, it’s an awesome piece of equipment that has enough power for your needs and comes at a very reasonable price!

9) Portable Chainsaw Mill Steel and Aluminum Planking

There are many good portable chainsaw mills out there on the market, but there are also some bad ones too. There are so many factors that need to be considered before making your final decision on which mill to purchase such as reviews, warranty, and cost to name a few. I decided to create this Portable Chainsaw Mill Steel and Aluminum Planking Review after doing some research on available mills and then finding one that seemed to meet all of my requirements.

Things to Consider Before Buying

You don’t have to cut down a tree just to make lumber! You can make your own lumber with a portable chainsaw mill. These mills cut logs into boards, planks, or even tongue-and-groove flooring. This means you have more options for building than you would have with a regular chainsaw. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of these sawmills so you can find one that works for you!

Portability And Durability

You need to find a portable chainsaw mill that is lightweight, and easy to move around with its own set of wheels. What’s more important is durability; you will be working on your plot with this piece of equipment, so it has to be durable enough for heavy use. The more sturdy it is, the less likely it will have any major issues in time. Make sure that you purchase a product that comes with a warranty as well, in case anything does happen to go wrong.

Safety Features of Portable Chainsaw Mill

The chainsaw mill has safety features like a chain brake, kickback protection, and overload protection. You’ll never have to worry about accidentally cutting too deep again because of these features.

Pros & Cons

There are both pros and cons to owning a chainsaw mill, regardless of whether you choose aluminum or steel. As with any product, you have to decide what’s most important to you. So let’s take a look at one:

10) RCTEC 12 FT Rail Chainsaw Mill Guide System

Finding the right guide system for your chainsaw mill can be quite confusing and extremely time-consuming if you do not know what you are looking for and why you need it. The RCTEC 12 FT Rail Chainsaw Mill Guide System is designed with the rail saw operator in mind. It’s easy to set up, easy to use, and it doesn’t make much noise while it’s in use, making it ideal for anyone who needs to cut lumber on their property.

This guide system can help you make accurate cuts without having to worry about any kickback while using your chainsaw mill machine.

About the product

The RCTEC rail chainsaw mill system review is an innovative guide system design to be used in conjunction with a chainsaw. This particular model is rated to accommodate trees that are up to 6 in diameter, making it an excellent choice for those who want to take on larger tasks. It can easily saw wood at a maximum rate of 32 linear feet per minute, allowing for a speedy return on investment.

Product features of RCTEC 12 FT Rail Chainsaw Mill

In an industry that is notoriously difficult to navigate, RCTEC was a breath of fresh air. They provide me with simple instructions but deliver a product that looked and work like it had been used for years. The planer was well oiled, fit perfectly on my machine, and came with extensive instructions; in fact, it came with so many instructions that I almost gave up!

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 Stars! I just received my RCTEC chainsaw mill guide system today, and within minutes of opening it, I was able to put it together and put it to use. This is exactly what I needed. It’s easy to adjust for whatever bar you have on your chainsaw… lightweight… and all-around just great! Highly recommended!!

Pros & Cons

The RCTEC is considered a really good guide, especially for those looking to make their way into chainsaw milling. It has a few shortcomings, which we discuss later in our review; however, it’s ideal for chainsaw mills that cut wood or log up to 20 inches in diameter. The guide includes all assembly hardware and everything you need to put together before attaching it to your rail system.

Chainsaw Mill

Chainsaw Mill FAQs

If you’re interested in learning more about chainsaw mills, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about chainsaw mills that we’ve received from our customers over the years. This information will help you make your next chainsaw mill purchase much easier and give you more confidence when using it to create beautiful wood crafts or unique pieces of furniture for your home or office!

1) Do chainsaw mills have motors?

Some do, some don’t. You can find all-in-one units that contain both a motor and chainsaw and those that don’t. However, if you want to use a stand-alone chainsaw mill without a motor, or if you have an engine that is less than 1/2 horsepower, there are other options as well. Look for chainsaws with hand cranks or pneumatic power options.

2) How much does it cost to run a chainsaw mill?

This is a question that will vary widely depending on which type of mill you own. A small manual mill for cutting firewood will be much less expensive to run than a large, industrial-grade model. Gas-powered mills tend to be more expensive than electric mills, and power saws require gas and oil in addition to wood chips or sawdust.

3) What are the different sizes of sawmills?

Sawmills are sold in three different types. There are small sawmills that can cut logs up to 18 inches, mid-size sawmills that can handle logs between 16 and 24 inches, and large mills which can deal with logs between 20 and 36 inches. When considering what size you need, make sure to keep in mind where you’ll be using it and how often you’ll use it.

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