The Best Burrito Blankets That Will Keep You Warm All Winter

A burrito blanket can be used to keep you warm and ensure that you eat your favorite Tex-Mex meal the way it was meant to be enjoyed—warm and surrounded by friends and family. Of course, not all burrito blankets are created equal, so we decided to do some research and find out which one is the best. It can be hard to stay warm while eating a burrito, especially if you’re in an area that’s prone to cold winds or frigid temperatures, such as Chicago or Alaska.

In just a few minutes, you can have a warm, delicious burrito blanket wrapped around your waist. They come in three stylish colors and are made from 100% cotton. So, if you’re tired of trying to keep your hands clean while eating burritos or don’t want to get covered in that cheesy goodness, be sure to pick up a Heated blanket today!

Selecting the right Burrito Blankets

The first step in purchasing a burrito blanket is to decide on what type of fabric you want. The most popular options include blankets made from rayon, cotton, and synthetic fibers. Natural fibers like cotton are breathable and hypoallergenic, but they can be expensive. Synthetic blankets are typically much less expensive than natural fabrics. But these blankets tend to cause allergic reactions in some people and don’t breathe as well as other fabrics, which can make them uncomfortably warm during hot weather.

Steps to making your burrito blanket

  1. Get a blanket, preferably one that’s large enough to fully wrap your body, but no bigger than you need.
  2. Find a tortilla with a diameter roughly twice as big as your blanket and two inches longer than its width.
  3. Place tortilla on top of blanket so that it folds in half over each side, leaving a few inches exposed at both ends.


Finally, if you’re looking for a warm, soft blanket that won’t wad up when it’s tossed in your car or stuffed in your backpack, then look no further than The Best Burrito Blanket. This fleece marvel is an ideal travel companion: lightweight enough to take anywhere and sturdy enough to keep you warm while laying out on a sandy beach. Here are our top ten favorites from the year 2022.

List of 9 Best Burrito Blanket Reviews Under $30 in 2022

CASOFU Burritos Blanket

CASOFU Burritos Blanket BEST PRICE

Blanket Form: Throw Blanket
Product Dimensions: 71″L x 71″W
Color: Beige
Double Sided 71 inches

Mermaker Burritos Tortilla Blanket BEST PRICE

Blanket Form: Throw Blanket
Product Dimensions: 8.5″L x 7″W
Brand: Mermaker
Color: Yellow
Jorbest Burritos Blanket

Jorbest Burritos Blanket BEST PRICE

Blanket Form: Throw Blanket
Product Dimensions: 60″L x 60″W
Brand: Jorbest
Color: Beige
Burrito Blanket for Adults and Kids

Burrito Blanket for Adults and Kids BEST PRICE

Blanket Form: Throw Blanket
Product Dimensions: 71″L x 71″W
Brand: Outivity
Color: Orange
The Best Burrito Blankets That Will Keep You Warm All Winter

Giant Burrito Blanket BEST PRICE

Blanket Form: Throw Blanket
Product Dimensions: 2″L x 2″W
Brand: Hatisan
Fabric Type: Fleece
Admitrack Tortilla Wrap Blanket

Admitrack Tortilla Wrap Blanket BEST PRICE

Blanket Form: Throw Blanket
Product Dimensions: 47″L x 47″W
Brand: Admitrack
Color: Black
Newborn Baby Wrap Burrito Swaddle Blanket

Newborn Baby Wrap Burrito Swaddle Blanket BEST PRICE

Blanket Form: Swaddle
Product Dimensions: 34″L x 34″W
Brand: DDWT
Color: Yellow
BATTILO HOME Donut Blanket


Blanket Form: Throw Blanket
Product Dimensions: 47″L x 47″W
Color: Pink Donut
RAINBEAN Burrito Tortilla Blankets

RAINBEAN Burrito Tortilla Blankets BEST PRICE

Blanket Form: Throw Blanket
Product Dimensions: 14.17″L x 13.23″W
Color: Burrito 71inches
Burrito Throw Blanket Funny Gifts

Burrito Throw Blanket Funny Gifts for Adults and Kids BEST PRICE

Product Dimensions: 49″L x 49″W
Brand: Lhedon
Color: Burrito-1
Fabric Type: Flannel, Fleece

1) CASOFU Burrito Blanket

CASOFU burritos blanket will quickly become your favorite snuggle buddy! This super soft, comfortable and warm Burrito Blanket with sleeves makes the perfect addition to any bedroom or living room space! The CASOFU burritos blanket makes the perfect gift for anyone that loves to cuddle up and watch a movie on the couch, anyone who just wants to keep warm on cold nights, and even makes a great baby shower gift! This unique blanket also features pockets so you can store all of your important items right at your fingertips while you are relaxing on the couch with the blanket. Read on to learn more about this amazing product!


It is one of most comfortable Burrito Blanket we have ever used. The casofu 3 pack thermal blanket is made of 100% cotton and measures 60 inches by 80 inches. This allows you to use it as a single, double or triple thickness blanket to meet your comfort needs. The fabric is very soft and feels very much like a cotton sheet. In fact, you can use it as a sheet for year round use if you wish due to its ability to insulate body heat from outside temperatures whether hot or cold weather.


This blanket has been known to pill, where tiny balls of fiber form on your blanket and shed everywhere. This can make it look less than crisp, especially in dark colors. It also might be a little scratchy against bare skin. Not exactly what you want in an all-season blanket!

What Others Say

On Amazon, people love their Casofu Burrito Blanket. As of September 2015, there were over 1,500 reviews on Amazon for Casofu’s Sherpa blanket collection. On average users gave it 4 out of 5 stars. The positive comments shared things like softness and warmth while others told of accidental bleach stains (it can be washed in a washing machine) or how they added to other purchases to have an entire matching set.

2) Mermaker Tortilla Burrito Blanket

Have you ever had one of those days where the kids are sick, the dog peed on the couch, and you didn’t get home until 10 pm? You had every intention of cooking dinner, but you were just too tired. And tomorrow’s a work day—you can’t order in! That’s where the Mermaker Tortilla Burrito Blanket comes in to save the day. It allows you to take that pizza or Chinese food and turn it into breakfast burritos or lunch burritos by simply throwing the tortilla blanket over it.

What you get with the blanket

The blanket comes in two sizes, regular and queen-sized. For me, a queen-sized blanket wasn’t necessary because I have a large king bed. The blanket is made with high-quality material and each corner is hemmed to prevent unraveling. This soft tortilla blanket weighs one pound and is machine washable.

What I liked about it

It’s very compact and will fit in any bag or luggage. This was easy to use, just a push of a button, like an air bed. It’s inflates quickly and keeps you warm at night. It has two large pockets that are perfect for storing your phone or other personal belongings while you sleep. The blanket is also thin enough that it easily fits underneath another blanket if you wish to add more warmth.

What I didn’t like about it

This is a good product for all those who like to camp in their car, or if you just need an extra blanket to keep your lap warm while working. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that it smelled a little strange, and that I couldn’t get all my hair into it when I wrapped it around my head (I don’t have short hair). I wish there were more colors available, as well.

3) Jorbest Burrito Blanket

If you’re looking to keep yourself warm and cozy this winter, it may be time to invest in a Jorbest Burrito Blanket. This product is sold through multiple different vendors on the internet, and the quality of each blanket may vary depending on where you buy it from. But, since we’ve had the opportunity to personally test out this product, we can assure you that it really does work and that it really does keep you warm and cozy!

What Is A Jorbest Burrito Blanket?

A Jorbest burritos blanket is a soft, yet durable fleece blanket that you can use to wrap up any burrito. This will help you transport and store your meal, while also keeping it warm.

How Big Is It?

The Jorbest is around 80 inches by 60 inches. When laid out it’s not quite long enough to stretch from head to toe, but it’s a great size for snuggling up under while reading or watching TV. It’s also not too large that you can’t fold it up and shove in a suitcase to bring on your next trip! (Don’t forget, you can also get matching travel pillows!)

Is It Comfortable?

The Jorbest burrito blanket is comfortable for both you and your partner. With two layers of plush fabric, it cradles your body like a padded yoga mat and keeps you warm during those cold winter nights.

Would I Recommend It?

Yes, if you want to be warm and cozy in bed. No, if you’re looking for an actual blanket and not a glorified burrito. Yes, if you like Mexican food. No, if you hate hard shells or are afraid of being eaten by a bear.

4) Burrito Blanket for Adults and Kids

If you love Mexican food, this burrito blanket is the perfect thing to keep you warm and cozy while you’re enjoying it. It’s made of fleece, so it will definitely keep you warm at night and on colder days, as well as in the spring and fall. This burrito blanket measures 47 inches by 60 inches, which makes it big enough to fit adults as well as kids.

What Is The Burrito Blanket?

Burrito Blanket is a comfy, large blanket you can wear as a poncho. You can wrap yourself up in it and it’ll keep you warm! Burrito Blanket is made of soft fleece material on one side, with premium synthetic fur on its other side. The Burrito Blanket also has pockets to store your keys, smartphone or remote control so they’re never hard to find.

All Reviews Are From Real People Like You!

Are you tired of using heavy, bulky blankets? Do you hate how uncomfortable they are to sleep with? Then you should try out Burrito Blankets! I received one to test it out, and I was extremely impressed with how lightweight and easy it is to use. It is also great at keeping my bed clean from food/dirt/etc so I don’t have to constantly wash sheets. Overall an excellent product that will change your life.

How Do I Use The Burrito Blanket?

The best time to use The Burrito Blanket is after you have gone grocery shopping, or to bed when it’s cold outside. Once you are inside your home, all you need to do is place The Burrito around yourself, preferably laying on a mattress or sofa where The Burrito can hang over both sides of said furniture. Now go ahead and let The Burrito wrap around your arms, legs, neck and waist. If you find that one side of The Burrito is short, no worries!

Pros And Cons

Burrito Blankets are great for couch cuddling, watching movies, camping, or even just staying warm. Burrito blankets are a fun way to spice up your bed with colorful pillows to look like a burrito. They’re also pretty popular with kids as they make awesome stuffed animals! Let’s take a look at some of their benefits as well as some drawbacks that might affect you in your purchase decision.

5) Giant Burrito Blanket

The Giant Burrito Blanket Review is the best blanket you can buy on the market! It’s soft and cuddly! It’s available in different colors and patterns, but my favorite one is black with white hearts! The blanket keeps me warm in the cold winter nights, and it helps me relax during rainy days. I am very happy that I found this amazing product! Try it today, because it will make your life much better, just like it did to mine!

What kind of material is it made out of?

The blanket is made out of 100% cotton that has been machine washable and dryer safe. I did a test run, putting it in my washer/dryer machine and it comes out as good as new!

How long will it last?

The blanket is made of all weather materials, so it’s built to last a long time. Even after years of use, it shouldn’t get damaged too easily. However, it does need some maintenance from time to time, just like any other piece of equipment. It will start to look dull and outdated if you don’t keep up with regular cleanings and special care. This guide outlines how you can do that without damaging your blanket.

Where can I buy one?

You can buy a giant burrito blanket here! It is all natural, made of bamboo, and comes in many different colors. Be sure to check out their large selection of sizes and patterns! Do you have any specific questions about these giant burritos? Please don’t hesitate to ask. I am an affiliate with that company, so if you purchase through my site, I will get a commission (at no cost to you). Thank you for reading my review!

6) Admitrack Tortilla Wrap Blanket

One of the most popular tortilla wrap blankets on the market is Admitrack’s tortilla wrap blanket, and it’s not hard to see why. This lightweight blanket provides both warmth and style, and it’s designed to feel like your favorite tortilla wrap – you won’t even know you’re wrapped up in something to keep you warm! The Admitrack tortilla wrap blanket comes in sizes that fit infants through toddlers, as well as an adult-sized throw. The best thing about this blanket?

What is an admitrack?

Admitrack is a heavy-duty blanket that comes in a reusable case, making it easy to carry and store when not in use. You can take it anywhere with you because of its portable size, and it’s just as good at home as it is on camping trips. With an Admitrack, you’ll be more comfortable sitting on bleachers or stadium seats because there are so many ways to sit comfortably while still having plenty of room.

Why use the admitrack tortilla wrap burrito blanket?

The tortilla Burrito Blanket is made of 100% cotton, so you know it will feel great against your skin. This blanket also does not bunch up like some other blankets, because it’s thin enough to have a smooth texture without snagging on anything. Finally, it can be thrown in a washing machine to clean (just be sure to use cold water and mild detergent), making it easy to maintain. Plus, it comes with a money-back guarantee!

Features of an admitrack

An admitrack is a tortilla holder that makes eating wraps and sandwiches more fun. It helps you create your food in any size wrap. The Admitrack can be used for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, so it’s a great investment in its versatility. You can also use it to grill vegetables, chicken breast and meat patties to make healthy dinners that are both cost-effective and nutritious.

7) Newborn Baby Wrap Swaddle Burrito Blanket

A newborn baby wrap swaddle Burrito Blanket will be one of the most-used items in your baby’s life. You can use it to help keep your newborn warm, or to cover them up while they sleep and soothe them. You can even keep the baby wrapped in it if you’re going out and about, or to contain their movements as they get older, just like with any other kind of baby swaddle wrap blanket.

Purpose of the product

The purpose of these newborn baby wrap burrito swaddle blankets is to provide a safe and comfortable way for parents to transport their newborns from place to place. This product, in particular, comes with everything you need to use it and maintain it, including carrying straps and care instructions. The wraparound design hugs your newborn close so they feel secure and less likely to be startled or wake up during transportation.

Usefulness of Swaddle Burrito Blanket

9/10 – This is a very useful product for any parent of a newborn. Being able to contain your little one in one piece of fabric makes caring for them so much easier, and being able to do it quickly and safely is great. It’s also super easy to use! Just put on and wrap around baby, voila. And you can totally change their diaper while they’re all wrapped up, no problem at all.


5 out of 5 stars. This blanket is worth every penny! It’s super soft, easy to use, and you can pretty much figure it out without instructions (but there are instructions if you’re stumped). The color I got was baby blue and it is SO adorable.

Pros & Cons

Newborn babies spend most of their time asleep, and many parents like to swaddle them to help them feel safe and cozy. A baby wrap burrito swaddle blanket is a very popular way to swaddle your newborn baby. These blankets are often used instead of receiving blankets because they are known for being safer than traditional blankets. There are plenty of pros that go along with using a burrito-style blanket, but just as many cons.

8) BATTILO HOME Donut Blanket

BATTILO Home has quickly become one of the leading companies on the market when it comes to home and kitchen products and accessories, and the BATTILO Home Donut Blanket is no exception. With its sleek design, multiple color options, and durability, this blanket is sure to impress. Let’s find out how it can improve your home, starting with comfort and quality!

What Is A Donut Burrito Blanket?

First things first, don’t let its name fool you. A donut blanket is not a blanket shaped like a donut; it’s actually not an actual blanket at all. Rather, it is a baggy blanket that goes over your existing bedding.

My Thoughts On The Product

So I have been extremely excited about getting a donut shaped blanket for my husband because he LOVES them. He gets up in the morning and says to me Baby, what do you think? Should we get some donuts today? (He has no idea why I just started laughing.) So when I saw that there was a Burrito Blanket that resembled a donut I knew it would be perfect for him!

Tips And Tricks For Use

The BATTILO Home Donut Burrito Blanket is a super soft fleece blanket, which makes it extremely comfortable to use when you’re relaxing in your living room, or resting in bed. And while they’re definitely great to have around during summer months, donut blankets are also popular at colder times of year because they provide extra warmth.

9) Burrito Throw Blanket Funny Gifts for Adults and Kids

Tortilla blankets are really perfect for those who love making their own homemade burritos. They’re also really convenient and help you save time in the kitchen, especially if you have a busy schedule like me! I’ve been using the RAINBEAN burrito tortilla blankets to make my favorite burritos at home and I’m hooked!

What I like about them

Made of 100% food-grade silicone, free from lead, BPA, PVC and phthalates. The wide diameter makes them a great alternative to corn or flour tortillas. They’re bendable yet can withstand a light stretching without breaking (they even bounce back to their original form). They’re easy to clean in your dishwasher (top rack only) or by hand with hot soapy water.

Would I recommend buying these?

I would. It’s a good product at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for a warm, soft blanket to protect you from chills or simply to keep your hands warm on cold nights, then I would absolutely recommend it. Plus, if you eat Mexican food often (who doesn’t love burritos?) then these blankets are perfect for wrapping around yourself after dinner!

Giveaway (1 winner will receive 3 tortilla blankets)

One (1) lucky winner will receive 3 packages of Rainbean tortilla burrito blanket! The giveaway ends on Friday, March 19th at 11:59 PM EST. To enter, please leave a comment below. In your comment, let me know which design is your favorite!

Burrito Blanket FAQs

What are all of your fabrics made from?

[Fleece, Cotton, Wool]

How big is it?

[60 inches by 60 inches]

Will it work on a burrito of any size?


Do you ship to my country?

[We ship worldwide Shipping cost varies.]

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