How to Clean Vicks Humidifier – Tips & Tricks

A lot of people think that cleaning the Vicks humidifier is just as simple as cleaning any other humidifier. But there are several things you need to know before you clean it – you don’t want to do more harm than good to your machine, after all! That’s why we put together this guide on how to clean your Vicks humidifier and keep it working at its best all year long. Read on if you’re interested in learning more!

Unplug your humidifier

You don’t want water from your humidifier continuing to flow into a full tank. Unplugging your unit will ensure it doesn’t accidentally turn on and overflow while you work. It’s best if you can also remove the reservoir. If it’s too heavy, just keep an eye on it and be careful not to bump or disturb it as you clean. Fill a bucket with hot water: Pour some boiling water into a large bucket (or use hot tap water) and add in some dish soap. Mix thoroughly with a cleaning sponge, making sure all surfaces are covered with suds.

how to clean a vicks humidifier

Remove any water from the tank

Empty all of your humidifier’s water, but make sure you dry out any excess water left in the tank so that bacteria doesn’t start growing. The easiest way to do so is by inverting your humidifier and letting any excess water drain into a bowl or cup. Once all excess water has drained, turn it back upright and wipe it clean with a paper towel. Replace filters: Check both of your humidifier’s filters to make sure they aren’t clogged up with dust or debris. A simple way to do so is by putting a wet paper towel over each one and then wiping them down with a new dry paper towel after 10 seconds have passed.

Disassemble the unit as needed

The main culprit when it comes to a dirty humidifier is mold and mildew, so one of your first steps will be taking apart your humidifier unit and cleaning each component. With older units, you may need to loosen any screws that hold parts together and use a soft brush for any tight spots where mold could grow. Once you’ve taken everything apart, wipe down every part with a solution of 1/2 cup bleach per gallon of water; using a bottle sprayer helps get into tight places. Let dry completely before reassembling (at least 24 hours) and running several hours with clean water in it until no bleach smell remains.

Rinse everything with hot water

Fill a bucket with hot water and add two cups of vinegar. Immerse everything that needs cleaning in the bucket, let it soak for about an hour, then rinse everything thoroughly with hot water and dry. Use a soft-bristled brush to remove any hardened minerals from inside your humidifier tank; avoid metal brushes or anything abrasive. Run white vinegar through all external hoses and any internal wires that you can easily access. For stubborn areas like around faucets, use a pipe cleaner soaked in vinegar instead of something harsher like bleach or disinfectant spray. Turn on your humidifier for 30 minutes every few days to help remove any lingering odors or tastes.

how to clean vicks warm mist humidifier

Soak a cloth in white vinegar and ring it out

White vinegar is known for its strong smell and ability to clean. To begin, wipe down your humidifier with a cloth dipped in white vinegar. Then, once it’s fully dry, run a cool water cycle with no medicine or essential oils. This will help neutralize any smell from either of those ingredients and will reduce bacteria growth.

Scrub tough spots with an old toothbrush or razor blade

Whether you have a cool mist or warm mist humidifier, you’ll occasionally need to clean your unit. Cleaning an ultrasonic humidifier is simple, but often involves scrubbing stubborn build-up off of hard-to-reach areas. The easiest way to tackle tough spots is with an old toothbrush or razor blade. Be sure not to use a sharp object that could potentially scratch your humidifier’s surface, though!

Let everything dry fully before reassembling

While you’re waiting for your humidifier pieces to dry, go ahead and wash out your Water Tank, Wicking Filter and Tray. Use warm water and dish soap. Rinse everything thoroughly before re-assembling. You might be tempted to put it all back together as soon as it’s mostly dry; don’t do that! If you mix in a little bit of water with your detergent, you could end up with streaks or smudges on things like your tray or wicking filter.

Replace any worn filters

Cleaning a humidifier is not a difficult task. If your humidifier features a removable filter, simply remove it and wash it with warm water and mild soap. You can also use a brush designed for cleaning an aquarium if necessary. Rinse out your filter thoroughly and allow it to dry before placing it back into your humidifier. Replace any filters you find are worn or damaged with new ones so that they do not restrict air flow during operation. Make sure you replace them as soon as they get old since they can’t be cleaned like reusable filters can be.

Clean Vicks Humidifier FAQs:

How to clean vicks cool mist humidifier?

Many people have humidifiers in their homes during winter. If you use a cool mist or ultrasonic one, you may wonder how to clean vicks cool mist humidifier. This is a guide about cleaning your vicks humidifier.

How to clean a vicks cool mist humidifier?

The Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier is an ideal way to freshen up your air, but it’s important to make sure you’re keeping it clean. Whether you have a cool mist or warm mist humidifier, we’ll show you how easy it is to keep them both clean and in working order for your humidifying needs.

How do you clean the inside of a Vicks humidifier?

If you’re cleaning a model with a detachable reservoir, use a solution of soap and water. Simply rinse out all removable parts with warm, soapy water and let them air dry before reattaching them. If your humidifier has an integrated reservoir, you can soak it in a tub or bucket of hot water or use steam cleaner or pressure washer on it. Be sure to unplug any power cords first!

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How to Clean Vicks Humidifier – Tips & Tricks

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