How to Unlock a Whirlpool Washer in 5 Easy Steps

There are few things more frustrating than trying to load or unload clothes from your washer and finding that the machine has locked you out, prohibiting you from using it at all. Fortunately, as long as you have your owner’s manual on hand, you can often get back in within just a few minutes. Here’s how to unlock your Whirlpool washer in five easy steps, no matter what type of washer you have.

How to Unlock a Whirlpool Washer Step by Step

1) Unplug the Unit

First, unplug your washer and pull it away from your wall for easier access. Once you have enough room, look on top of your washing machine and find a hole with two small switches next to it. Press these buttons simultaneously until you hear a click; at that point, you’ll be able to pry open the door by simply pulling on it.

2) Get Underneath

Before you go throwing yourself against it, try getting underneath your washer. If you’re lucky, there will be an access panel that allows you to get inside. Sometimes there is a screw that you can loosen on one side of it and pull up slightly; then as you pull up, wiggle/jiggle it until it unlocks.

3) Locate the Key Plate (on top of the lid)

On most Whirlpool washers, you’ll find a metal plate on top of your lid that holds three electronic key codes. These keys are used during production and shipping and should not be altered. Make sure no one has tampered with these codes before using your washer.

4) Insert the key and Turn Counterclockwise

Many Whirlpool washers have a lock on them so that they can only be operated with an authorized key. This prevents theft or unauthorized use of your appliance. If you do not have your key, there are ways to remove the lock yourself for operating your washing machine. First, try inserting an authorized key and turning it counterclockwise until you hear a click sound. If turning your own key does not work, proceed to Step 2.

5) Open Lid

Open your washer’s lid and check for a plastic or metal lid lock device with tiny holes on one side. If you see that, use an unfolded paper clip to gently push it through all of those holes. You should hear it click or pop, which means that you’ve unlocked your washer. If not, try another paper clip—it might just be bent or broken. If nothing happens after about 10 minutes of trying different clips, it’s time to call for professional help!

Conclusion of How to Unlock a Whirlpool Washer

The first step is figuring out why your washer won’t unlock. Check your manual or search online for specifics on how your model’s lock works; some locks require you hold down an unlock button while pressing cycle start, while others might need a press of two buttons at once.

If you can’t access instructions online, give whirlpool customer service a call and ask what method your model uses. Once you know how to unlock it, perform one last check: Make sure no water is left in the tub by turning on cycle rinse and draining it again until water stops running from its spout. Drain excess water with cold water for about five minutes before attempting any other methods of unlocking.

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