New Pixel Feature Drop Adds Security Options, Call Clarity, and Other Enhancements

Google recently rolled out their Pixel Feature Drop, offering an array of new features and improvements for Pixel smartphone users. From the Pixel 2 onwards, the update provides several enhanced security measures, clearer calling capabilities and a number of other upgrades.

The most eye-catching addition in the Pixel Feature Drop is the incorporation of Password Vault, allowing users to create and store more secure passwords for their online accounts through the use of Google’s advanced security algorithms. Another noteworthy addition is Google Play Protect, which warns users of any potential security risks present on their device.

Another prominent change brought on by the Pixel Feature Drop is improved call clarity, thanks to features such as Adaptive Sound which alters the call volume according to ambient noise and Super Res Zoom which boosts the video quality during video calls. Further changes have been made to the user experience, such as the introduction of a “bedtime mode” to reduce blue light and the “Now Playing” feature that automatically recognizes and displays the title and artist of songs playing in the background on the lock screen.

Google has also made adjustments to the camera app, such as the implementation of Live HDR+ which allows users to view the final image as they are taking the picture, as well as enhanced night photography.

The Pixel Feature Drop is a major update for Pixel users, with a wide range of security measures, improved call clarity and other upgrades all set to enhance their overall experience. All Pixel devices from the Pixel 2 and later are eligible for the update, which can be downloaded through the settings menu.

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